Salsa Dance Steps And Me

Salsa Dance Steps

Salsa Dance Steps!

When I was younger I always thought that dancers were one of the most amazing creatures to watch—almost magical. The way they move to the music, how they sparkle and the perpetual fun they always seem to exude. Well, I didn’t know then it was just a performance, but the impression still remained. I still loved dance. So one day I decided to go where many dancing dream chasers go—enroll in a class and learn ballroom. This is my story with salsa dance steps.

I don’t know exactly what I thought of when I first tried to learn salsa dance steps. I mean, I knew dancing was fun but maybe it was reserved for the magical creatures, you know? Fortunately, I was wrong. Anybody can dance and more than that, you will have fun doing so! This is true especially with the salsa.

Salsa Dance Steps – The Attitude

The first thing I learned about salsa dance steps is that it is more than the movements—it is the attitude that is the framework of this dance. What is salsa anyway other than a fun, sassy and flirty dance? Go into that mode and feel the music move your body to the beat. When you got the attitude down, then your salsa steps will look more authentic.

For the most part, salsa is upbeat and the footwork is pretty fast. Surprisingly though, it’s not very difficult to learn. I mean, you take the basic step (which took only a few hours for the average individual like me), and practice it for a while and you have the foundation of the whole dance already. When your teacher thinks you can handle more, then he or she will throw you and your partner a few moves that embellish the dance.

Salsa Dance Steps – Twists and Turns

Starting salsa was fun but I have to say when we began learning those twists and turns—I had the best time! I don’t know what it was. The adrenalin that kicks in with exercise, the music and the general festive atmosphere all contributed to the amazing experience I’m sure most people have when they first learn how to groove to this Cuban-originated dance.

After a couple of sessions, I already decided that salsa would be something I really want to spend more time on. So I wanted to invest in a pair of dancing shoes. I went to online forums and stores to look for a good brand of dancing shoes that are sturdy and pretty—it’s hard to feel sexy with a moldy pair of footwear. I think Capezio dance shoes are one of the best ones out there. I mean I have been using mine for a while now and there is no bad thing I can say about them. Plus they’re really, really cute too.

So now here I am with my Capezio dance shoes still dancing up a storm—even better now than before I dare say. I don’t know where this adventure will take me next but I sure do hope that if a little girl ever catches a glimpse of me dancing my salsa dance steps, she’ll think I’m a magical creature that she can later grow up to be one day.

Salsa Dance Steps

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