Salsa Dancing Steps

Did you know that there are salsa dancing steps in solo, in twos (partner), or in threes and fours? That’s right, solo salsa dances are usually done by stage dancers or singers who perform in front of audiences. “Trios” or “Quattros” are typically performed by a male dancer with two or more female dancers with him– sounds like the guy has a good thing going on there!


Salsa Dancing Steps



Dance Steps – Salsa Dancing Steps

More often than not though, salsa dancing steps are performed by two people. Ballroom dance studios all over the world teach dance steps Salsa in context of a partner dance. It is not only exciting to watch, it is exhilarating to dance as well.

The general vibe of the salsa is sensual and flirtatious. Beginners sometimes are challenged when they start learning salsa dancing steps, but that will change once you understand and move with the music. I highly recommend that you purchase an online instructional dance video that will show you the basic moves of the Salsa. Practice by dancing along with the music included in the video.

Once you embody the spirit of the dance and get a feel for the music, you can proceed to learning the dance steps of Salsa. Let’s first learn the basic posture and positioning of the partners.


Basic Salsa Dancing Steps

The man’s left hand holds the woman’s right hand, while his right hand is placed lightly on the woman’s waist. The woman’s left hand is positioned on the man’s shoulder. You must always remember that that the man will lead the dance giving “claves”, or subtle tugs to his partner to signal a twist, dip or change in direction. The woman always follows the lead of her partner.

Now let’s begin learning the steps. The primary footwork for the man is as follows: Step forward with the left foot and rock back to the right foot. Step back again with the left foot and hold for a count. Step backwards with the right foot and rock forward towards your left foot. Step forward with the right again, and repeat the steps.


Woman’s Salsa Dancing Steps

The basic steps for the woman is pretty much the same, only the mirror opposite of the man: Step back with the right foot and rock forward to the left foot. Take a step forward with the right foot and hold for a count. Now step forward with the left foot, and rock backwards with the right foot. Take a step back with the left foot, and repeat the steps.

When you are performing the salsa, always dance with the balls of your foot, never the heel. Once you get the rhythm of the dance, the gentle hip motion will come naturally, no need to deliberately gyrate. Too much overt hip action can be too much and mess up the vibe of the dance.

Have fun with your partner and enjoy this exciting and sexy dance. With these helpful tips, you’ll be doing the Salsa dancing steps like a pro in no time at all!


Learn Salsa Dancing Steps

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