Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing is one of the most popular ballroom dancing styles around. It goes without saying that with all the dance enthusiasts that want to learn more about this fun and socially entertaining skill—you need to be up to date with your facts and resources so you can be a supernova amongst all the other wanna-be stars in the dance floor.

Salsa Dancing

What is salsa dancing? For most men, salsa is a spicy dip that perfectly complements the amply supplied tortilla bowl in a party. However, for those who love to be active and have fun, salsa is more than that. It is spicy yes, but it is a dance that is performed by sexy men and women from all over the world.

Now, I don’t mean that the men and women who dance salsa are a perfect 10 (that would disqualify 98% of the population). What I am saying is that in order to dance salsa you need to exude sexiness to perform it well. And really, what is sexy but a natural quality that comes from between your ears to your body’s response.

Salsa Dancing History

There are a few groups of people who have varying opinions on how salsa came into being. Generally Cuba is attributed to be the birthplace of this dance and music phenomena that we know today. It must be said though that many styles of dance with Cuban music, have their influences rooted in African culture. It is said that the hypnotizing and enthralling music was done to call forth the gods that tribal people believed in.

Even if salsa, or the origins of it has been around for probably a long time, it was thrust to notoriety during World War II. American soldiers that were in Cuba for the war, developed a taste of the music and entertainment and they brought it with them back to America. The rest, as they say, is history.

Salsa Dancing in Groups?

This dance is interesting because it can be danced by oneself, in twos, threes and even fours. Definitely the most popular one is ballroom salsa which is performed by two people. However if you are in a club without a partner, at least you know that armed with the basic salsa steps, you can shimmy your way to salsa sexiness.

Learning Salsa Dancing

If you want to learn salsa, it is very important that you understand the proper timing and how to use this while you are dancing. Salsa timing ranges from 140 to 210 beats per minute. What does this mean? Your heart beats 60 times every minute (you can verify this by sitting down, putting your fingers on your wrist, and counting the beats under a minute). Therefore salsa timing is twice, thrice or even four times the beat of your heartbeat per minute.

Why is learning salsa beats so important? This is important because salsa steps can be quite quick and tricky and you need to get your timing down in order to progress in your lessons. Salsa steps always start on the first beat and if you and your partner have different beats going on in your head—well, there’s a tangle of arms and legs by the end of the first 5 seconds of the dance.

Salsa Dancing Music

It’s really not that difficult once you get used to it. If you listen to salsa music, you will notice that there is an accent on the first and 5th beat of the musical phrasing. Keep listening and practice to recognize the beats when you play these salsa music, it won’t be long before you’ll perfect your sense of salsa timing to help you when you dance.

Salsa Dancing Partners

Now, if you are most people, you will want to learn salsa the ballroom style—which means you will have to learn how to partner well. Partnering skills are critical in doing the salsa well. Men have to lead and women need to follow the man’s leading (through “claves”- inconspicuous pushes and tugs throughout the dance). Dance with as many partners as you can and work to develop chemistry which is so important when dancing these expressive numbers. If you are a tall lady, hopefully you can find men  a couple of inches taller than you so twirls and lifts won’t be a pain to the both of you. Enjoy salsa dancing!

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