Salsa Steps Movie

I bet you’ve watched a lot of salsa steps movie. There is nothing like settling down with a big tub of popcorn and enjoying a fantastic movie of spice and romance with great friends.

What’s your favorite salsa steps movie? One of the latest ones is “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”. With the immense popularity of the original Dirty Dancing of Patrick Swayze, it’s pretty obvious that a spin-off of a similar kind will be on the works sooner or later. This story is about a teenage girl discovering love and dancing in Cuba.

“Dance With Me” is another movie of salsa steps that features the acting chops of Vanessa Williams and Chayanne. Vanessa Williams is the emotionally distant dance instructor determined to take her place to become a frontrunner in the world of ballroom dancing. She finds herself falling for Chayenne and they both end up winning more than a dance competition, but love as well.

How could we talk about salsa and not talk about the sizzling Latin lovers that are Marc Antony and Jennifer Lopez? “El Cantante” is based on the life of Hector Lavoe, a legend in the salsa music world. Lavoe was infamous for his stormy personal life and eventually died of AIDS. He left behind a legacy of beautiful salsa music that will live on far longer than his ill-fated life.

Another movie that features a few scenes of the salsa dance is “Along Came Polly”. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Ben Stiller is a conservative corporate person that learns the salsa in his pursuit to win the heart of the sexy and wild Jennifer Aniston. The salsa nights club scene is a hilarious bit that successfully tugs at Jennifer’s heart— not because of Stiller’s sexy moves, but because of his endearing and decidedly NOT sexy salsa dancing.

These movies might be the reason why you want to start taking up salsa. While the reality is that not every person who learns the salsa has the love story that movies are made of, the promise of it lures many a romantic to enroll for lessons. Who doesn’t want their own beautiful love story, right? If salsa is a common denominator of all your favorite chick flicks, then why not learn the salsa? There’s no harm in doing so.

When you take salsa dance lessons you need to remember one thing: have fun! This is the secret to any great dancing. Don’t make it your primary aim to be a technically perfect dancer, just enjoy yourself! When you have fun and focus on establishing a connection with your partner, it won’t be long before you become that sexy and captivating salsa dancer that you’ve always wanted to be.

So how about it? Do you see yourself as the spectacular dancer that gets the guy in the end? Start your salsa lessons and be the star in your own salsa steps movie when you do. You know you want to. Enjoy!

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