Steps To The Salsa

Here are the basic steps to the Salsa that can help you be the sensational dance machine you secretly knew you were.  So you think you can dance –  the Salsa that is? If you have the passion and the willingness to learn, then you absolutely can!

Steps to the Salsa


Steps to the Salsa!

Salsa can be danced solo, but more often than not it is danced with a partner. The man is expected to lead, giving “claves” to the woman— subtle pulls and pushes that indicate transition in steps. The woman must allow herself to be led. When the partners perfect their partnering skills, the performance is a great thing to watch!

Although the partners will be moving around the dance floor and shifting positions often, the basic posture is as follows: The man takes his left hand and holds the woman’s right hand. His left hand is placed around the woman’s waist. The woman’s left hand is draped on the man’s shoulder. Both individuals must maintain eye contact at all times to enforce sizzling chemistry that will captivate the audience.

Now the basic steps for the salsa are the forward and backward steps. This article will show the steps that the leader, or the man will perform and it is a given that the woman will exhibit the natural opposite of the man’s actions.


Men’s Steps to the Salsa

For the man: step forward with your left foot, then rock back on your right foot. Take a step back with the left foot and hold the beat. Step back using your right foot and then rock forward towards your left foot. Take another step forward with the right foot. Repeat these steps again.

This is the basic step that frames the salsa dance. When you perfect this, you can embellish it with other fancy moves that make it fun to watch. Some of these moves are the sideway basic, side and cross step, Cuban open step, cucaracha, underarm turn, inside turn, spot turn, extension, in and out, cross body lead, reverse cross body lead, basket and the windmill.

Now, I know that sounds like a lot, but they’re not that difficult to learn especially if you’ve been dancing for a while. Master the basic steps and gradually learn the more advanced steps as you go on. Remember to dance the salsa with the balls of your feet for the swivel and sassy hip sway it will produce. More than anything— keep in mind that the spirit of salsa is flirtatious and sexy so feel the music, move with the beat, and enjoy dancing it with your partner.


Sizzling Steps to the Salsa

These are the basic steps to the salsa. If this looks like an interesting dance that you want to learn, check out some online resources to help you get you on your way to your goal of being a dancing king or queen! Of course we know this isn’t an overnight thing, but it doesn’t even matter— you’ll enjoy the whole journey getting there! Life is short, live it well and dance those sizzling steps to the Salsa whenever you have the chance!

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