Tips For the Salsa Step

The salsa step is as spicy as it is fun. Many dance studios have people requesting exciting salsa dance lessons because everybody who dances this seems to always be in a party. Learning the salsa step is easy and these tips will help make it even easier for you to master it.

First of all, if you want to dance well, the secret is to have the right attitude. If you are dancing the tango, think drama; for the swing, you want light-hearted and fun; waltz dancers want to be more sensitive and elegant; and if you want to dance the salsa, you better be bringing your sexy on.

You might think of yourself as a nerd, but believe me— there is an inner sexy in every person. The best way to be sexy is by being confident in your own skin. Put a smile on and don’t be afraid to look your partner in the eyes and show a little skin. Don’t aim to be overtly sexual. Sassy and alluring is the best tactic to keep your partner, and the crowd wrapped around your little finger.

An important factor in salsa dancing is your ability to keep in step with the music. Some people might have a bit of trouble with this, but you can easily rectify this when you constantly listen to salsa music. If you plan to dance competitively, or just hit the clubs for salsa nights, make it a point to train your ear to listen to the beats and dance with it. This automatically makes you look more professional and adept at dancing.

When you dance, do not look at your feet. Understandably, this may seem unavoidable especially when you’re beginning. The thing is, the more you look at your feet to keep from tripping yourself up, the more likely you will. Keep your eyes on your partner and concentrate on establish a strong connection with each other. You will be surprised at the progress you will make when you do.

Salsa steps can be fast. Keep your steps small and your knees bended so you can quickly transition to the next step without much trouble. Remember, salsa is meant to be danced with the balls of your feet. Flat footed dancing is a surefire way to look awkward in the dance floor.

Now, a lot of people make the mistake of exaggerating their hips to make that famous Cuban hip movement. This does not work. The movement of your hips comes from correctly executed footwork. That’s right, the alluring hip sway that you see on sexy salsa dancers is the natural effect of shifting your weight from one leg to another. Deliberately swinging hips can mess up the effect of the dance.

Lastly, watching excellent ballroom dancing DVDs is one of the best kept secrets of talented dancers. You can learn the right way to do the salsa step and other fantastic ballroom moves when you study from a professional dancer regularly. Go to the links in this site to find the best ballroom dance DVD there is today. Enjoy!

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