Samba Dance Steps

Samba Dance Steps

Learn Those Samba Dance Steps!

There are a few dance steps as sultry as Samba dance steps. If the costumes aren’t enough to convince you, just look at some of the videos that highlight Samba and you have no choice but to agree with me. How about you— are you ready for Samba? Do you want to learn how to perform this exciting dance? If you’re ready for some flirty and sexy dancing, here are the basic Samba dance steps to help get you on your way.

First of all, you have to get a grasp on the counts needed in Samba. There are basically two beats for every three counts. Samba is danced with a fast tempo song with a sometimes tricky rhythm so if you’re a novice in dancing, it will be a good idea to download some Samba music and listen to it often. Once you get the feel for it, it will help you catch on to the Samba dance steps better.

Samba can be performed alone, but it is typically danced with a partner. As with all partner dances, the man is tasked to lead the choreography and the woman will follow. Build on your connection with each other. The more chemistry you are able to exude as a partner, the more authentic your dance will look. This is particularly important if you plan to join competitions or have dance recitals.

Samba Dance Steps – Forward Step

The basic step for Samba is the forward step. On the first count, the man steps forward with his left foot, rocking his weight forward. On the next half step, the right foot is brought beside the left foot. The weight of the right foot is placed squarely on the ball of the foot.

The next count, the man shifts the weight on his left foot. He then takes a step back with the right foot and transfers his weight there. The next half count, he puts his left foot beside the right foot, also keeping the weight on the ball of the foot. On the last count, he shifts the weight to his right foot.

This is the basic forward step for the Samba. The woman does the same step but in reverse. As you practice this a few times, you’ll find that it’s really quite simple to do. The trick to Samba dance steps footwork is to keep in sync with the rhythm. If you can master this, the rest will be easy.

Lessons in Samba Dance Steps

If you are enjoying Samba and plan to take more lessons for yourself, then you should consider investing in an excellent pair of ballroom dance shoes. Samba dance requires a lot of moving around and having the right pair will go a long way in improving your performance. Rubber soles will stick to the dance floor too much and may potentially injure your knees. Look for suede covered heels for the best grip and glide on dance floors.

Now you know the basic Samba dance steps, what are you doing sitting around reading this article? Get your Samba dance shoes and start practicing those Samba dance steps moves right now!

Samba Dance Steps

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