Samba Dance

Learn Samba Dances

Samba Dances

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Samba dances? For some people, they think ornate costumes, festive mood, catchy music. For others, they know Samba is a Latin dance but that’s just about it.

Well, for those of you who want to know, Samba is actually a Brazilian folk dance also called Batuque. It became hugely popular in the 1920s and has evolved into different variations and became more stylized as the years went by. Perhaps this is what also largely contributed to its surge in popularity. It developed more danceable patterns that other people were able to move to.

Samba Dances – the Moves!

Samba is a fast number that necessitates quick movements and fast footwork. New beginners in ballroom dancing may have a little trouble with this because it seems like a lot of steps are crammed into such short counts. The trick is to know the very basic footwork of the choreography and practice it until it becomes second nature to you. Then break down the other parts of the dance, master these steps and combine it all together for your Samba dances.

You can either dance this solo or as a partner dance. If you plan to have a partner, you really need to spend time doing the steps together. Samba dances are all about being fun and outrageous so you need to build up a good chemistry with your partner to make your performance believable. Remember, more than the steps and the technical aspects of the dance, you should have fun. This is after all, the spirit of samba. Practice as much as you can, then let loose and enjoy yourself thoroughly on the dance floor.

The costumes for Samba dances are very interesting, to say the least. You cannot be shy if you plan to participate in Samba dances. Many times, the costume here is an embellished bikini with over the top accessories. A large head gear, boas, gloves, high-heeled boots or sandals and back pieces are just some of these accessories. Expect sequins, feathers and lots and lots of glitter when you have a Samba performance coming up.

Samba Dances – on the Dance Floor?

Many times, Samba isn’t even performed on the dance floor. This form of “art” is a big hit during carnivals and street parties. High-spirited and catchy Samba music is largely regarded as Brazil’s national music style as it reflects the nation’s love for revelry and exuberant celebrations. If you want to know Brazil, all you need to do is learn all about Samba.

How about you? Are you just interested in Samba or are you considering taking a few lessons of this exciting ballroom dance? You know what, you only have one life so you should do whatever fun thing you want to do (within legal bounds of course). If it’s doing Samba dances, then that is what you should do! Grab a friend and enroll in some dance classes together. You don’t have to wear those sparkly bikinis or feather head dress if you don’t want to. A shimmery and fun dress is good enough – at least for now.

Samba Dances

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