Brazilian Samba

Do you know what is one of the most eye-catching ballroom dancing there is around? If you said the Brazilian samba, you are right. Brazilian samba is a sexy and festive dance that is known and loved all over the world.

The samba dance of Brazil is said to have been created by African slaves that were brought to Brazil during the 16th century. From then, the South American Indians, Portuguese, and of course Brazilian people have further developed it to the interesting and unique dance that we all know today.

One of the most important elements that make the samba as distinctive as it is is the music that it is danced to. The lively and fast-tempo beat of the samba is often marked by unique Brazilian instruments like the chocalho, cabaca, reco-reco, and the tamborim. You cannot help but be swept away by the distinctive and catchy music of the samba.

The samba is interesting enough as a dance in itself, but what really brought it to its phenomenal popularity is its adoption to the national carnivals and holidays that Brazil is renowned for. These street parties that were started in the 19th century featured costumed people parading in the streets with lively music and dancing.

It was in the 1930s that samba dance Brazil achieved not only popularity, but official status in Brazil. Brazilian radios propagated many different kinds of samba music. Intensely competitive samba dance schools in Rio de Janeiro made national dance competitions much anticipated events. It is, in fact, these well-financed dance schools that largely contributed to the continuance of the street parties and carnivals. Also, Getúlio Vargas, the president of Brazil made Samba music the official music of the nation.

Nowadays, we cannot think of samba without thinking of Brazil, and vice versa. It is as deeply ingrained in the national identity and it will remain so for a long, long time. Imagine all the wild costumes and intensely exciting festivities samba conjures up— think of that and you have encapsulated the spirit that pretty much makes up Brazil.

How about you? Are you interested in taking up Brazilian samba? Don’t worry, you don’t have to don a skin baring costume if you are not comfortable with it just yet. What is important is that you enjoy having fun and are open to learning new steps and choreography. There are many styles of samba that is being taught, but if you are taking up ballroom dancing, you will have to learn samba as a partner dance.

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