Samba Costume

Did you know samba is one of the sexiest ballroom dance around? You probably do already. The fact that the samba hails from Brazil should give you a hint. Another giveaway would be the sexy samba costume that these dancers wear.

It’s impossible for you not to notice samba dancers. Have you ever been to the street carnivals of Brazil? These carnivals are renowned all over the world for their fun and festive spirit. Yes, it can get a little wild and crazy, but that is exactly why it is such a crowd drawer. You have colorful and unique floats parading down the streets. And how can you miss the exotic and beautiful dancers in their little samba costume outfits riding on the floats?

A samba dance costume that you see in these floats is interesting to say the least. You would think that Brazil has a shortage of cloth or tailors. The gorgeous Brazilian women bare a lot of their flesh: shoulders, torso, legs, back— pretty much anything they can get away with. One reason is because the season when these festival rolls in is usually the hottest times of the year so the less clothes, the more comfortable the individual. The more prominent reason is that people just like seeing a lot of skin period.

So what do some of these outfits consist of? Well, the majority of the women have the basic bikini as a foundation of their over-all look. These bikini style samba costumes are colorful and adorned in sequins, feathers, and all things glittery. Think “crazy and exciting” and you have yourself a picture of the outfits that these women wear.

Now the bikini, while a noble piece of attire, will need more embellishments. Other elements of a samba costume include elaborate (usually feathered) head pieces, intricate back pieces, long sleeved gloves (or armlettes), accessories on the calves and legs, glittery neck pieces, colorful boas and sexy high heeled boots or strappy sandals. Yes, when we talk about samba outfits, you better be sure that what you’re wearing is as wild and festive as the street party that you find yourself in.

Of course, these extremely sexy attires are not for everyone, nor is it for the general ballroom dancing audience. When it comes to finding a samba dance costume for a performance or international tournament, professional dancers practice a bit more modesty and tone down on the skin baring costumes that they will be wearing.

For these more formal events, the ladies wear a sexy top and a flowy and fun skirt. They can also to wear a colorful, revealing dress that moves comfortably around them. The men have on comfortable dance trousers and a fancy top. When you are looking for a samba costume, check the material used (if its comfortable and breathable), and the quality of the workmanship (if it will not suddenly have a “wardrobe malfunction in the middle of the dance). Have fun steaming up the dance floor!

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