Samba Dance Brazil

The samba dance of Brazil is one of the most exciting performances you can ever watch. It is lively, sexy, and definitely a show stopper. If you’ve ever watched this, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. And if you ever want to bump up the excitement level, you will do well to learn the samba dance steps for yourself.

Samba is as ingrained to the Brazilian culture as the Amazon rainforest. In fact, during the 1930s, the Brazilian president even named samba music as the official music of the nation. The festive street carnivals that are renowned all over the world have samba dance school organizations as some of their major financiers.

That is why samba dance brazil plays such a prominent role in the street carnivals. Gorgeous women in sequined bikinis and elaborate accessories make an eye-popping fixtures in the colorful floats. Of course if you are going to learn ballroom samba dance steps, you will need much more than a few scraps of cloth and some choreography to make it work.

The basic step for the samba is the box step. If you are familiar with ballroom, you know that the box step is termed as such because the footwork form a box pattern on the dance floor. The rhythm that is followed by the samba is one, and two; three, and four. Three steps are done for every two measure of counts.

The box step is a simple enough step to master. The lead (usually the man) steps forward with the left foot, then closes the gap by putting the right foot beside the left foot. Shift the weight to the left foot. Take a step back with the right foot, and close the gap by placing the left foot beside it. Shift the weight to the right foot. The woman follows the mirror opposite of the man’s steps, meaning if the man goes to the left, the woman goes to the right; if the man goes forward, the woman goes backwards.

Partnering skills is an integral part of ballroom dancing. If you are going to perform, make sure you practice with your partner a lot. Women should allow herself to be led, and not decide in advance where she should go. The men must give claves, or subtle tugs and pushes to indicate to his partner what the next step should be.

You should invest in the right tools if you are going to seriously take up ballroom dancing lessons. The most important investment is to find a great pair of ballroom dance shoes. Check out some great samba dance shoes and your other ballroom dancing needs when you go to the links in this site.

Samba dance Brazil is an awesome dance that you can be part of. All you need is your ballroom dance shoes, a sexy outfit, and your sense of fun! Who knows, you just might be the next dancing superstar that the world is waiting for.

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