Samba Dance Costume

Do you just love the samba? I don’t blame you. It’s such a fun and exciting dance that people from all over the world are absolutely crazy about it. The samba stands out from so many other dance styles. One reason for this is because of the sexy samba dance costume that the dancers wear.

What can you expect from a samba costume? Well for one thing, it has to represent the spirit of Brazil and its festive street carnivals that are so popular internationally. A samba dance costume is therefore colorful, sassy, and of course, very, very sexy.

The costume worn by Brazilian samba beauties during the street parties are a bit different from those worn by professional ballroom samba dancers. For one thing, the latter have a skimpier outfit to deal with. They often stand on the floats (of parades) in bikinis embellished by feathers, sequins and glitters. They also have large headdresses as well as armlettes, back and shoulder pieces, jeweled leg accessories, boas, and high heel boots or sandals that they wear. I would imagine it would be a tad difficult doing some samba steps with a humongous headdress weighing down on your head.

A samba dance costume worn during performances would have to be more subdued— or at least not bare as much flesh as those worn during Brazilian street carnivals. These costumes still maintain the high-energy and sassy feel of samba.

The ladies often wear a bikini top and a sexy, flouncy skirt in a metallic or eye catching color. A sexy top can also be paired with a slightly longer skirt with a high slit that showcases the legs, and make it easy for the dancer to do those fancy twists and turns. Other times, these performers summon the spirit of the famous samba singer, Carmen Miranda. This means ruffled skirts, blouses, sleeves, and maybe a headdress firmly attached to the dancer’s head. The men wear samba trousers and a fancy top.

When you buy a samba costume, you have to remember that not only should it be colorful and sexy— it should also be very well-tailored so that it doesn’t accidentally reveal anything you want to keep covered. Check the material to make sure that it is breathable and lightweight so that you won’t have too much difficulty when you perform. Make an extra effort to match your costume with your partner as well.

Aside from the stunning costumes, you also need to have the right ballroom dance shoes in samba. There are several styles that you can choose from. A sexy, strappy sandal in nude (to elongate the legs) or in fun colors is a favorite by samba dancers. Ballroom dance shoes will save you from many injuries so invest in a good pair if you decide to take up the samba seriously.

Have a blast dancing the samba with a fun and sexy samba dance costume! Life is absolutely wonderful when you live it with no regrets. Enjoy!

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