Samba Dance Steps

You know you’re ready to have some fun if you want to learn samba dance steps. Samba is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm with its sexy, colorful costumes and catchy, exciting dancing. If you want sexy, then look no further than the samba.

What do you know about the samba? It was said to have African ancestry but have been developed by the beautiful Brazilians over the years. Samba is so closely intertwined with the cultural identity of Brazil that in 1930, the Brazilian president even made samba music the official music of the country.

Now, some people might not know the samba dance steps per se, but they are definitely familiar with this exotic art form. Samba is a major proponent of the intensely popular and widely celebrated street festivals and carnivals of Brazil. In fact, it is the well organized dance school organizations that fund a large portion of these carnivals.

As you can imagine, the samba is a big crowd drawer— and not just from Brazil, but from people from all over the world as well. Samba has evolved into several forms and styles like Samba no pe, Samba pagode and Samba Axe which can be performed solo. For international ballroom dancing standards though, the samba is danced as a couple.

It’s not too difficult to learn samba dance steps. What you need to remember is to separate the dance into individual components, master them, and then put it all together. Add that with a sizzling chemistry with your partner and you have yourself a recipe for one hot dance number that people won’t soon forget.

Let’s start with the men. The man takes a step forward with the left foot, puts the right foot beside the left foot, and rocks his weight back to the left foot. Now he steps back with the right foot, puts the left foot beside the right foot, and shifts his weight back to the left foot. This is the basic samba dance steps for men. The women’s steps mirror the man’s.

The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to samba is to feel the rhythm. The counts go one uh two, three uh four. While practicing the dance, you may be counting out loud and strive to be technically perfect. However, after a while make it your aim to keep a “game face” on and count in your head. Never look at your feet or else you’ll just stumble and make more mistakes when you do. Establish connection with your partner and enjoy the dance as much as you can.

Go to the links in this article to find helpful resources to help you become one of the best ballroom dancers around! You can also check out the online instructional DVD that will teach you the basic steps, form and posture of dancing from some of the best dancers in the industry. Share your passion with a friend and have a blast learning the samba dance steps today!

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