The Samba

What do you know about the samba? Is it just another dance from some exotic country that found its way to foreign shores? Learn more about samba– the history and the dance, in this short and interesting article today.

Samba is as close to Brazil as you can get. Yes, it is said that samba dance steps have originated with the African slaves and Portuguese before Brazil, but in the course of a few years, the samba has evolved into a style that is uniquely Brazil.

Go ahead, think of other things that reminds you of Brazil. If you are like me, you’re probably thinking the Amazon rainforests and wild street parties like the Mardi Gras, right? Well, you won’t find a lot of people dancing up a crazy samba in rainforests, but f we’re talking about the insanely popular street parties and Carnivals that has put Brazil on the map for a while now— then you will find samba right smack in the middle of it all.

It is, in fact, samba dance schools that had played a huge part in the proliferation and recognition of these parties. These “Carnivals” always bring in a huge crowd— only now the participating audience is not limited to the beautiful citizens of Brazil, but people from all over the world as well. Yes, when Lenten season draws nigh, you will find many nationalities congregating in the streets of Brazil in anticipation for the fun street parties ahead.

Be prepared though, samba is not for the timid one. I mean, have you seen some of the costumes that hard core samba practitioners wear? If you’re a girl, you better be all smooth and shaved all over because you will be bearing a lot of skin. Many samba costumes are two piece skimpy numbers in eye-popping colors that are embellished with arm, leg and neck pieces, boas, sexy high heels and elaborate head dresses.

Samba music is a major part of Brazil’s cultural heritage (this was recognized as the official Brazilian music in 1930). It is characterized by the lively and fast tempo accompanied by instruments unique to Brazil, namely the chocalho, cabaca, reco-reco, and the tamborim. The hypnotic and exciting sounds play a huge part in creating the festive atmosphere in the Carnivals that Brazil is known for.

The samba danced in Brazil is often done as an individual performance. However, samba in the International style ballroom dancing, samba is danced together with a partner. Samba dance steps are not that difficult to learn once you have the basic foot work down. When you have mastered this, you can then add in the more complicated choreography that makes samba such a fun and interesting dance to watch.

If you are thinking of taking samba lessons, get ready to have some fun! I predict that after a few sessions with the samba dance, your inhibition will decrease in direct proportion to the spike of your positive vibe. Life’s a party—don’t be left behind! Enjoy!

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