Video of the Samba

Do you want to know a good way to learn the samba? Watching video of the samba. There is nothing like watching experts performing the dance you want to learn to inspire you and show you the posture and steps of the samba.

Samba is a very interesting dance. It is one of the best known products of Brazil. You will notice that a lot of people have Brazil stamped on their passports around the time of Lent. Why is this? They go to Brazil to take part of the festive street dances that everybody just loves.

Beautiful Brazilian samba dancers pose and shimmy in the floats of the parade. You may want to take the video of the samba while you’re by the side streets but you won’t really learn too much this way. After all, party samba is a whole lot different than ballroom samba.

Ballroom samba dancing is a lot more than bikinis and elaborate head pieces. The foot work is more intricate and the movements more precise. There are articles that will list down the step by step choreography of the basics, but you cannot adequately master the dance without the music and the picture of how it is actually done.

You can enroll in a ballroom dancing class to do this. If you are too shy, you can use an instructional dance video to help you along. I would suggest that you find a friend to join you in your adventure. Ballroom samba is a partner dance. Not only is building your partnering skills is a critical factor in ballroom dancing, it will be a lot more fun when you do as well.

Use a video of the samba dance to help you learn more about samba today. You’ll be surprised at how great you will be in just a few weeks. Enjoy!

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