Where Can I Buy Samba Costumes?

I know what you’re thinking, samba looks like such a fun dance, where can I buy samba costumes? Those sexy, little numbers are so eye-catching you want to get a couple for yourself.

Well, before you can ask where can I buy samba costumes, you need to know first what you are looking for. How long have you been dancing the samba? What you are wearing should be a reflection of the essence of the dance you are performing.

Samba is one of the most popular exports of the beautiful nation of Brazil. Once a year, during the Lenten season, visitors trek to Brazil to take part of their festive street parties. These lively and oftentimes wild street parties are marked by the gorgeous people in samba costumes dancing up a storm.

In these parades, the samba dancers are often seen wearing really skimpy outfits. This may be one of the top reasons why so many people go here anyway. The women are clad in bejeweled bikinis that need to be fitted snugly with all the swaying and shimmying that they are doing. If you think they are not covered enough, you’re right. They try to make it up however with elaborate pieces and accessories.

Feathered headdresses, glittery armlettes, calf accessories, sequined back pieces, bright colored boas and sexy high heels are a staple in every samba dancer’s wardrobe. Of course what is seen on these dancers on the floats doesn’t necessarily mean this is what will be seen on the dance floor. No, samba costumes used in ballroom dancing are less revealing and are more functional in nature.

When dancing the samba, women usually dress up in a bra top and a skirt, or a sexy dress. Remember, even if they are not as skimpy as those seen in the street carnivals of Brazil, it doesn’t mean they should be any less sexy. Sexy samba costumes for women are characterized by shimmer, glitter and vibrant colors.

Men usually wear dance trousers and an open collared shirt, or a plain black stretch t-shirt. It is a good idea to match the color of what you’re wearing to what your partner is wearing. The men don’t have to dress like a disco ball, but he has to be a good complement to his beautiful partner.

Make sure that the materials used are lightweight and breathable. Whether you are dancing in a club or in a tournament, dancing the samba will make you work up a sweat. There is something about sweaty armpits that take away from sexiness, so avoid this at all costs. Invest in costumes that are well-made so you don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions while you are performing.

If you want to know where I can buy samba costumes, go to the links to this page to go to fantastic dance stores that everyone is talking about. Go ahead, let loose and enjoy the spotlight when you hit the dance floor tonight!

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