A Woman’s Guide To Ballroom Dance Shoes

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Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom dance shoes are one of the first things you will ever invest in when you get into dancing. You need a really good and sturdy pair that will secure your little footsie while you do all those twists and turns in the dance floor. When you know you have a good pair on, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself and you can really focus on your moves—and you can give your best performance ever.

Styles of Ballroom Dance Shoes

There are many styles of ballroom shoes to choose from. If you are just starting and are on a limited budget, then you should get a black pair of pumps with flared heels. You can use this for most ballroom dances. A nude pair is another option that many women consider because this elongates the leg— and really, who doesn’t want to look beautiful and leggy out there, right?

T-Strap Ballroom Dance Shoes 

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If you already have your pumps and want to start building up your wardrobe, start purchasing open-toed sandals with t-straps to hold your foot in securely, or strappy sandals that’s ideal for Latin dances. Fit the pair of shoes first to make sure the straps do not dig into the feet and make you uncomfortable during your performance.

I’m sure heels make anybody’s legs look good, but unless you have experience walking on stilts, stick to lower heels—3 inches at the most. Skinny heels make twisting and twirling easier, but flared heels are more stable and beginners might want to opt for the latter kind of heels first. Whether flared or skinny—make sure that the heels are covered in suede. Suede is the best material with hardwood dance floors as it provides the ideal grip and glide that a dancer needs.

Quality Ballroom Dance Shoes

Click Here for Quality Ballroom Dance Shoes at Low PricesYou would do well to buy your ballroom shoes at a reputable store. Bloch dance shoes, for instance, have excellent quality footwear that are not only made up of the best material—they are comfortable to wear as well. This is extremely important because dancers spend most of their time standing up and giving their feet a tough workout.

Because you know bloch dance shoes are made really well, you can just sit and pick through the different styles that they have. You do not need to worry if they will hold up your feet well enough when you’re out there dancing your heart out. If this is your first dance shoes, then go to the website, pick the style you want and ask for it in your size in the outlet nearest your home. It’s really important that you know the size that perfectly fits you. The next time you order from them, you can just order in through their online store, give your size and have them deliver it to you.

Women ballroom dance shoes are fun to shop for. There are a lot of great styles out there, and you get to wear them in the spotlight. Look super cute with your perfect pair of ballroom dance shoes today!

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