Ballroom Dance Shoes Women

How long have you been dancing? If you have been dancing for more than 3 months, ballroom dancing is probably more than just a passing fancy for you. If this is so, then you have to buy yourself a pair of good ballroom dance shoes women as soon as possible.

In case you don’t know it yet, ballroom shoes are an important investment any serious dance enthusiast should make. It will not only keep you from having injuries, it will also help you put out the best performance each and every time.

What does this mean? Well, what are you wearing for dancing right now? If it’s a pair of pumps, look at the underside of the shoe. What is it covered with? Chances are the sole is covered in rubber as with most regular shoes. Rubber is actually one of the worst materials to use for ballroom because it adheres too much on the floor and will cause long term knee injuries.

Of course, if you are dancing only for special occasions, then you don’t need to buy ballroom dance shoes for women. You just need to find a pair of heels around 1 ½ to 2 ½ inched in height and take care when you turn and twist during the dance.

Now, if you plan to pursue dancing, or at least really start being more consistent with this enjoyable hobby, then you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to be stuck with ugly shoes when you dance. Isn’t this what all ladies want anyway? You can choose from a large selection of beautiful and perfectly constructed ballroom dance shoes in a good dance store.

Go to the links in this site to find a great online dance store to get your pair of ballroom dance shoes for women. A word of caution though, with all the pretty shoes you will find here, you might want to control the urge to over shop! In case you do though, make sure that your money is well worth it by dancing well whenever you wear them.

So what do you look for in ballroom dance shoes for women? You have to look out for material, construction and fit before style. Look for features like suede covered soles, a steel shank, sturdy buckles, heel supports and extra foot pad cushioning to alleviate dancer’s foot fatigue. It should be lightweight as well to make it easier to dance with.

Ballroom dance shoes are more delicate than the average pair of shoes so you have to take extra care of them. Never use them for anything other than dancing. Walking around in dirty and rough surfaces will wear them out quickly and you will need to replace them sooner than you should. Carry them in a separate tote going to class and keep them dry to preserve them as long as possible.

What are you waiting for? Buy your special ballroom dance shoes women today and enjoy a higher level of dancing talent when you do!

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