Ballroom Latin Dance Shoes

Do you know how thrilling it can be to perform the salsa? Latin dances have a flavor that infuses the whole dance floor! If you really want a go at this exciting dance, you will do well to buy yourself a great pair of ballroom Latin dance shoes.

Ballroom shoes are to the dancer what the paint brush is to the painter. It is an indispensible tool that will whip up a masterpiece, or in this case, a master class performance that everybody will appreciate. If you are serious about becoming an excellent ballroom dancer, then you have no choice but to find yourself some fantastic pair of shoes.

What do you need to look for in ballroom Latin dance shoes? I know that most women are into style and definitely, style will have a major factor in your decision making. However, more than the aesthetic quality of the footwear, you need to be particular about the material and construction of it. After all, there is a world of difference between a regular pair of shoes and ballroom dance shoes.

All good dance shoes have their heels covered in soft suede. Suede is the ideal material that will grip the hardwood that all dance floors are made of. Leather covered heels are too slippery and might cause un-choreographed spills; and rubber heels are too sticky. This will cause knee injuries after a while.

Dance shoes should be lightweight so that it would not fatigue the dancer’s feet too much. Look for extra foot pad cushions and a heel support so that you are adequately supported when you dance. A steel shank and sturdy buckles are extra features that will greatly help putting your mind at ease while you are performing.

Traditional ballroom dances are usually danced with a closed toe pair, or pumps with t-straps. Ballroom Latin dance shoes are strappy sandals that can go in different colors. You can choose the classic black; or you can opt for nude to elongate the line of your leg. Fun colors like red, magenta, violet and the like re also available.

Heels of ballroom dance footwear have a height of 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches. If the dance has a lot of twists and turns, you should get a slimmer heel to make it easier. For beginners though, it might be a better idea to use a flared heel first because this is more stable and the dancer will feel safer dancing with these.

Now, because ballroom dancing shoes are constructed differently, they can fetch a higher price. They are also more delicate so make sure you take care of them as much as you can. Do not use them for any other reason than dancing and keep them in a separate bag all the time.

Go to the links in this site to find an excellent dance store to supply all your dancing needs. Ballroom Latin dance shoes are some of the best investments you can ever make so choose wisely and enjoy dancing up a storm!

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