Bloch Ballroom Dance Shoes

Every dancer knows that in order to pull out a fantastic performance, they need to have an excellent pair of ballroom dancing shoes. You cannot scrimp on this. You need to invest in the best and it doesn’t get any better than bloch ballroom dance shoes.

Bloch is a company renowned for making high quality dancers shoes that all professional dancers know about. The company started out manufacturing outstanding ballet pointe shoes in the 1930s, and has then since expanded to other fields of dance like jazz, contemporary, tap, chorus, hip hop and ballroom. Dancers need to have footwear that they can trust and because of the excellent craftsmanship of the products that they make, Bloch has become one of the gold standards in producing the best dance shoes and apparel.

If you are looking for a great ballroom dance shoe, then you’ve come to the right place. There are several styles of bloch ballroom dance shoes that you can use to be the best dancer that you can be.

The Annabella is a favorite among female ballroom dancers. This shoe comes with a wide heel and a strap in the instep which makes for a stable support base when you do those long and gliding steps. Dance instructors often recommend the Annabella for new dancers. You can choose between the classic black, or the nude which will elongate the line of your leg beautifully.

The Simona is a closed toe ballroom shoe that tango dancers prefer. The gold, black and nude hues serve as the perfect backdrop to a dramatic performance. The Yasmin is an intricate and elegant style with detailed latticework that many performers fall in love with. As pretty as it is, it still provides the dancer with the support and comfort it needs to last a long time on the dance floor.

Latin dancers need not worry, there is a bloch ballroom dance shoes just for you too. The Issabella is a 2 ½ inch high with a full heel cup and a cushioned insole to alleviate foot fatigue. The Issabella is engineered to provide metatarsal protection without compromising the aesthetic quality and design that all dancers want in their shoes,

Now, while women may be more discriminate with the shoes that they wear this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any dance shoes available for men as well. Bloch has created the Xavier shoe for men. It almost looks like an Oxford shoe, but it is so much more than that. It’s cushioned insole with Kashmir lining is a special treat. And the steel shank and broad heel gives additional arch support.

Make your shoes last longer by taking care of it. Don’t use them for walking around, only for dancing purposes. Keep them stored in a separate bag to ensure longevity for maximum performance.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a great pair of bloch ballroom dance shoes today, this will insure you against possible injuries, as well as help you become a better performer. It is an investment worth making. Enjoy!

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