Buying Latin Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Dancing is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. It is more than just a hobby— it is a form of self-expression that has made me more liberated and bold in living out my day to day life. If you don’t know it yet, I love dancing— especially those really hot Latin numbers. If you are also learning how to dance these super fun numbers, you need the right ballroom dancing shoes to go along with your sizzling style.

If you have started out with dancing, the first kind of footwear you might have bought for yourself is a black pair of pumps. This is a staple in every ballroom dancer’s arsenal. However, if you are getting more serious in dance, you will need to invest in more pairs of shoes. Because of the intense training we sometimes let our shoes go through— it is highly recommended that you have some shoes used for performance, and some just for training.

Of course you must still break in the shoes before you perform with them so that it’s more comfortable and it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to dance in them. Make sure you take special care of them so they don’t wear out so easily. Keep them in a separate bag when you bring them to your classes; don’t use them on rough and dirty surfaces; and keep them away from the damp.

What exactly is the difference between the regular ballroom shoes and a Latin ballroom shoes? Well, in terms of construction, it’s basically the same. It is very important that you only buy shoes that are undergirded with a steel shank and suede covered soles. The steel component will help support your feet better when you’re out in the dance floor, and the suede will provide you with the ideal grip and glide needed in hardwood dance floors.

The main difference lies mostly in the style of the shoes. Classic ballroom shoes usually use closed-toe or peep toe T-strap shoes. With Latin numbers, the performances are often more upbeat and sexy so you can afford to be more adventurous. In fact, the look and style of the footwear you use in this dance play a very important role in the over-all aesthetic factor of your performance.

For men, black leather Oxfords is the standard style. If he is planning to dance Latin, the shoes should have around 1 to 2 inches extra height. Latin ballroom dance shoes for women are more strappy, with a 2 to 3 inch heel. If your dance calls for a lot of twisting and turning, you should get slender heels.  Also, choose buckles that are easy to unstrap and does not dig into the skin.

Your ballroom dancing shoes are very important because your feet bear the brunt of the work when you dance. Be good to your feet by investing in a great pair of shoes today. It is a purchase that is worth its weight in gold. Enjoy!

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