Capezio Ballroom Dance Shoes

How do you live? Do you do your best, or do the minimum? Do you enjoy life, or coast through it? Do you live cautiously, or live like you have nothing to lose? I firmly live by the belief that if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well; so if you plan to take on the ballroom dancing world, you better be ready with the best— yes, that means it’s time to bring out your Capezio ballroom dance shoes.

Any dancer worth his salt knows that a good pair of ballroom dance shoes is an essential part of his dancing life. You cannot use just any regular footwear to dance—at least not if you’re really serious about dancing. Ballroom dancing shoes are specially constructed to meet the dancer’s needs and you cannot find these in a random shoe off the shelf.

Did you know that ballroom shoes should be covered in soft suede or chrome leather? This material provides the ideal grip on hardwood floor and has saved many a dance from potential spills and falls. Ballroom dance shoes are also typically supported by a steel shank and extra food pad cushioning that are especially appreciated during the long hours of training and performances.

So you see how a regular pair of pumps just won’t cut it? I mean, it’s fine if you’re going to dance only for a special occasion or event, but if you are taking up lessons, I cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing your own dance shoes. Fortunately, Capezio has taken the difficulty out of finding for ballroom dance shoes. They have been in the shoe making business for more than a hundred years now so you know that if anybody knows shoes—it’s the people from Capezio.

Capezio was originally known for their excellent ballet shoes, but over the years, they have developed some of the most outstanding ballroom shoes in the market. Capezio ballroom dance shoes are a class all its own when it comes to quality, durability and style— just ask all the professional dancers who favor this brand.

There are many styles available for those looking for a great pair of dancing shoes. Many people like the beautiful black closed-toe with straps Capezio ballroom dance shoes. I really like the flesh colored ones though. They do a great job in elongating my legs and making me look like the goddess I need to be when I perform.

Whatever style you choose, make sure you take care of them well. I know they look super cute and all, but don’t use them for any other purpose than dancing. Avoid rough and dirty surfaces and carry them in a separate tote. When you take care of them properly, a pair of Capezios will last you a long, long time.

Do what you love to do and spare no expense doing it! Invest in a good pair of Capezio ballroom dance shoes today and enjoy a higher level of performance when you do. Have fun!

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