Cheap Ballroom Dance Shoes

Everybody is looking for cheap ballroom dance shoes—is there even such a thing? Is there a place where you can find great but low priced shoes for the economically challenged dancer?

If you are reading this, you are probably a dance enthusiast who knows that ballroom dance shoes are a must in every dancer’s wardrobe. You might be able to pull off performing with regular shoes three or four times, but if you want to take the dancing world by storm— it is critical that you find yourself a great pair of ballroom dance shoes.

There are many ballroom dancing shoes available in the market today. Yes, they are pricier than your average pair of pumps, but for good reason. A dance shoe is constructed specifically to meet certain dancing requirements. They are also made with special materials that will ensure your safety when you go out there in the dance floor.

So you see, it is understandable if dancing shoes are expensive. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have your own pair for yourself. Not at all! Cheap ballroom dance shoes are available— you only need to know what you need and where you can find them.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of ballroom dancing shoes are the heels. Heels should be covered in suede (or as some manufacturers call it, chrome leather). Suede provides the ideal grip and glide that dancers need in the hardwood material that dance floors are typically made of. Leather covered soles are too slippery, and rubber soles will stick to the floor too much— resulting in long term knee injuries.

What do you plan to dance? The first shoes I recommend you get is the classic black pumps. This will work with most traditional dances. A black pair with t-straps (to secure your feet while dancing), and 1 ½ inch flared heels are a favorite among beginners.

Of course if you are building your wardrobe, you might also want to get those strappy numbers for the spicy Latin numbers. A slim heel will make pivoting and twirling much easier for you. Check the straps of the footwear. They shouldn’t cut into the skin too much, but it must not be too loose as well. This will make you uncomfortable and it will show in your performance.

Now, even if you buy yourself a pair of cheap ballroom dance shoes, make it a point to take care of them as well as you can. You might want to make the most of your shoes by wearing it all the time— that is a bad idea. Dancing shoes are made with lighter material and is more delicate so it will wear out more easily. Preserve the life of your shoes by only using it during dance lessons, practices and performances.

You can find cheap ballroom dance shoes and your other dancing needs when you go to the links in this site. Dancing holds no distinction between classes. Live with passion and enjoy your life today!

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