Dance Costumes

Dance costumes are an important element in every performance. Of course we do our best in making sure that we practice and dance as well as we can—but showmanship is critical and it is amazing what the right costumes can do to the over-all presentation.

Dance Costumes Standards

When it comes to dance costumes, the standards are different for every style of dance. Definitely you cannot put a definite rule on what these should look like because let’s face it—artistic people seldom have a penchant for following rules. It is their artistic vision that will rule and as long as their ability to move isn’t hindered by what they are wearing and they do not offend those who are watching them—then anything goes.

Of course in ballroom we don’t have the liberty of being as outrageous as say, Lady Gaga can be in one of her concerts (or everyday attire for that matter). However, you don’t have to bare a lot of skin or be crazy to make a statement in what you wear. If you think out of the box, look good and feel comfortable, then you will stand out as stars of the show.

Dance Costumes – Looks

When picking out costumes for your dance, keep into consideration the culture and background of the dance. Again, it will not be the same for every dance. The fun and lively Lindy hop will have a completely different look from the ruffly Cha Cha dance. You want to “wow” your audience, but not distract them with ill chosen costumes.

Men’s Dance Costumes

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it) for men, costumes are pretty simple. Invest in black trousers that fit you well, and a variety of tops in different colors and material. Black t-shirts are appropriate for certain Latin dances, and dress shirts are a classic for the more traditional dances.

Ladies’ Dance Costumes

Now, the ladies are a different animal—we need variety variety variety! Elegant and long flowing skirts/dresses that are  are a must to dance the certain numbers like the Waltz, the Quickstep, and Foxtrot. You need to be very particular about the clothes that you wear here because how these fabrics swing and flow as you move can greatly enhance the effect of your performance. Colors are also important, they have to be eye-catching and complement your partner’s costume as well.

Latin Dance Costumes

Latin dance costumes are more challenging to look for. Samba costumes, for instance are super fun, daring and dazzling to see—but you need to be comfortable wearing it. Make sure that the straps hold on securely, you want your talents and not a wardrobe malfunction to be the cause of talk among your peers. Rumba, salsa and mambo usually have the dancers don a sexy, skin baring costume. Make sure everything is held together in place and you wear the right underwear for it.

Don’t settle for just dancing well—aim to look stunning as well! Find out more about dance costumes, shoes and accessories when you click on the links in this page today.

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