Dance Shoes Ballroom

If you really like to dance, then there are a few essential things you must have— one of which is having the right dance shoes for ballroom.

I don’t know what you’re using right now, but if you really want to do well in ballroom, you cannot afford not to buy a good pair of shoes. Why is that? Ballroom dance shoes are specially constructed to make sure that the dancer does not have to worry about getting injured. When you don’t have the thought of slipping or making a fool of yourself, you will naturally come out with a better performance.

So what are the things you need to look for in a good pair of dance shoes? Some of you might already be thinking of color and style which is fine, but more than that, you need to make sure that certain specifications are met.

For one thing, the underside of your shoe must be covered in suede. Suede provides the most ideal grip and glide in the typical hardwood ballroom dance floors. Sometimes stores sell dance shoes with rubber heels, which stick to much to the floor and can potentially hurt your knees in the long run; or they use leather, which is more slippery and as we have mentioned— nobody wants to slip and look silly when they’re dancing.

The heel is another important aspect you want to take into consideration. A flared heel provides stability, but a skinnier heel will help you better in twisting and turning. Limit your heel height to around 1.5 to 3 inches only. Any higher than that and you might want to get insurance— just in case.

There are several styles of ballroom shoes available to the avid shopper. You can find a fantastic online dance store in this site. Browse through the kinds of shoes available and match it with the specifications that you need. Typically, pumps and open-toed shoes are used for traditional ballroom dances; and strappy sandals are used in performing the spicier Latin numbers. Get the stock number of your preferred style and simply order online.

When you buy dance shoes, make it last as long as possible by taking care of it well. Don’t use these special shoes to walk in dirty and uneven surfaces. If possible have a pair for practice and another pair for performances. If they do need some mending, find a good shoe repair shop that is familiar with how dance shoes are constructed. You can have them fixed instead of buying a new pair again and again.

Aside from dance shoes for ballroom dancing, there are other resources and products that you will do well to invest in. Doing so will give you an edge in your performance and help you be the best dancer that you can be. After all, if your aim is not to be the best, at least for yourself— then whatever it is you’re putting your heart into is not worth doing at all. Find more valuable information on ballroom dancing in this helpful site today. Enjoy!

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