Dance Shoes

If you have decided to pursue the wonderful world of dancing, then there is one investment you need to make—a good pair of dance shoes. This is the arsenal that every dancer has in their bag of tricks and it is vital that you get one that is best suited for you.

Beautiful Dance Shoes

The right pair of shoes is chosen not just for the color and style, there are more factors that go into dancing shoes. Of course you can pick beautiful shoes, but more than that, you need to make sure that the shoes fit well and are made with the proper material.

That’s right—you cannot just purchase a regular pair of shoes and use it on the dance floor. Doing so will mean serious consequences. Think of ungraceful spills and long term knee injuries—yup, those are just some incidents that come up when dancers make the mistake of scrimping on this very important tool in dancing.

After all, would Michael Jordan ever use baseball cleats on his games? How about Michelle Kwan doing a triple toe loop with track shoes? No, if you want to really do a good job in performing (which I know you do), then it is very important that you invest in good dance shoes.

How to Choose Dance Shoes

You will notice that dance shoes are lighter than regular shoes, at least the excellent quality ones are. The manufacturers made this so that the dancers do not feel feet fatigue easily. It might not mean that much to you to have lighter shoes when you’re out strolling in a mall, but believe me, all dancers that spend hours on their feet will really appreciate this seemingly trivial feature.

The soles are thinner so that the dancer will be able to feel the dance floor better. The material of the sole is soft suede because this actually grips the hardwood tile that the dance floors are made up of better. Steer clear from shoes that have leather undersides because it is too slippery, or rubber soles because obviously, it is too sticky. The rubber soles are said to also cause long term knew injuries so be especially careful of that.

Dance Shoes Heel Size

Depending on what you are dancing, you may want to choose heels that are between 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches in height. Anything more might be a hazard to you when you’re dancing. Latin dances may require more of a heel height than traditional dances so be sure to practice a lot before you go out there in your stunning heels so you don’t trip all over them.

Aside from height, Latin dancing shoes also have thinner heels than those sported by traditional ballroom dances. Slim heels make it easier for the dancer to twist and turn, which the salsa, rumba and the like are frequently peppered with. Flared and wider heels are more stable, and many beginner dancers often use these when starting out.

Comfortable Dance Shoes

Some features also help in alleviating foot pain like extra padded cushions and easy snap buckles. Check the straps that it’s not too tight that it cuts off the circulation of your feet from the rest of your body. Some dancers prefer that their dancing shoes are a little on the smaller size (if it’s open toed) because the tips of their toes can feel the surface of the dance floor. Choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Now, if you are starting out, you may want to opt for the classic black pumps. Obviously, this will go with most of the outfits you have. If not black, nude is another classic hue you can consider. Nude or flesh colored dancing shoes also elongate the line of your leg making you appear taller—an asset for any lady for sure.

Of course men are not exempt from picking out their ballroom dancing shoes. Like with the women counterpart, the underside of men’s ballroom shoes are made of suede and are lighter than regular shoes. Usually these shoes come in black, brown, and two tones Oxford or leather shoes. However, there are some stores that do offer customized ballroom shoes for men and women.

Ballroom Dance Shoes – Cost

Because it is made with special material, ballroom dancing shoes are understandably more expensive than most shoes. You can shop around for sales and discount in established dance supplies companies to save on dollars.

Storing Your Dance Shoes

By far the best way to get the most mileage out of your dance shoes is to take care of them well. Buy a suede brush and brush the soles in one direction after using them. Use the appropriate cleaning product for the material it is made out of (satin shoes are trickier, best to keep them as clean as possible and not get them wet). Store your dance shoes in a separate tote and never use them for anything other than dancing.

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