Discount Ballroom Dancing Shoes

I have had a lot of hobbies in the past, but definitely the one that stands out from all the rest is dancing. From the waltz to the foxtrot to the samba, I have tried it all and dancing is really is one of the best experiences that you could ever have. If you want to join in on the fun but are worried that it will be too expensive for you, don’t fret— there are discount ballroom dancing shoes that will fit every budget out there.

Discount ballroom dancing shoes are a rare animal, but they are definitely not extinct. For those of you who have done a little research on ballroom dance shoes, you already know that dance shoes are pricier than the average pair of footwear. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any available shoes for those dance lovers on a budget. You just need to know what you need and know where you can find them.

What are the basics in ballroom dancing shoes? Keep in mind that these shoes are special. They are often designed with different materials and constructed specifically to meet the dancer’s needs. When you are shopping around for your shoes, your priority should be to look for footwear that do not scrimp and compromise on these basic elements.

The soles of the shoes should only be covered in one material—suede (also sometimes referred to as chrome leather). Suede is the material that perfectly grips the hardwood dance floor. Shoes that are covered in leather is dangerous because leather is slippery. No dancer ever wants a high probability of spills and falls in their performance. And rubber adheres too much on the floor. This means it can give you long term knee injuries— another thing all dancers should do well to avoid.

Heels are an important issue in dancing shoes. The heels in ballroom shoes can go for about 2 ½ inches, but of course if you are starting out, keep it low. If you are not used to heels and feel wobbly, go for flared heels, they provide more stability. When you become better in handling yourself with heels, invest in skinny heels as well. Slim heels make it easier to maneuver the twists and turns involved in dancing.

Ballroom dancing shoes are also often equipped with a steel shaft, heel support and extra foot pad cushioning to alleviate foot fatigue. Dancers are known to push their bodies to the limit so these added features help in their training.

It is critical that you find the right size for your feet because if you buy a size too large or too small, it may be uncomfortable and this can distract you from your dancing. Fit the shoes and see if they are a good size for you. Some dancers like their open toed ballroom sandals smaller, with their toes hanging a little over the edge of the shoes so they can feel the floor. If this helps you in your dance, then you should use this tip. For closed shoes, get a pair that allows your toes enough wiggle room so it’s not too cramped.

Because these ballroom dance shoes are more expensive than regular shoes, take care of them as much as you can. Don’t use them to walk around rough and dirty floors. In fact, bring them around in a separate bag and use them only for dancing. This will prolong the life of your shoes.

There are also repair shops that can mend the small tears and problems of dance shoes. Find these specialty shoe repair shops where you can drop off your shoes in case of such emergencies. It will save you money to repair them instead of buying another pair. Of course if your shoe is really broken, don’t try to dance in them anymore. Retire your trusty pair and get another pair of dance shoes for yourself so you don’t compromise your safety. I’m sure your shoes will understand.

Now, just because you’re buying discount ballroom dancing shoes, it doesn’t mean you have to make do with a pair of ugly shoes. Have fun and choose a pair that you love! Beginners usually go for the classic black or nude pumps with flared heels. If you want a pair of Latin ballroom dance shoes you can buy those strappy numbers in bright hues to liven up your dance closet. Make sure that the straps are snug and not too tight so they don’t cut into the skin of your feet. Easy snap clasp buckles are another useful feature that you can look for in dance shoes.

Go to the links in this article to find great discount ballroom dancing shoes that will help you give your best performance out there. Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams. Enjoy!

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