Great Tips On Discount Dance Shoes

Discount Dance Shoes – are they value for money?

Where to Buy Discount Dance Shoes

Ballroom—it’s a beautiful form of self-expression. The gorgeous costumes, music and grace lend a timeless quality to the dance. You might be someone who wants to try it but it looks like an expensive hobby to keep so you hesitate. It’s really not as bad as you think. There are tricks you can do to keep ballroom within your budget starting with the right pair of discount dance shoes.

Discount Dance Shoes

The thing with ballroom shoes is that they may be pricier than your average pair. Of course, these shoes are specially constructed with steel shanks, extra pad cushions, heel support and covered heels. You can expect it to cost more because of these special features that ensure you are safe when you are dancing. Typically, these shoes go for about $100- $150 for a pair, but there are some stores that offer more affordable selections for as low as $60.

Heights of Discount Dance Shoes

What do you need to look for in ballroom dance shoes? Aside from the above details, you should also look at how high you want the heels to be. Ideally you should only take 1-2 inches so you can dance better, but Latin dances can have heels for as high as 3 inches. Flared heels are more solid, but dancing that requires twisting and turning will find skinnier heels a better friend to them.

It is very important that you find size that fits you perfectly. Can you imagine busting out your swing dance steps and then a shoe comes flying off? That is not the best impression you want to leave the judges and audience. Fit ballroom dance shoes and make sure they feel right to you.

Quality Discount Dance Shoes

Now, I know you are looking for affordability with shoes but never compromise the quality and material of what you are buying. The heels should be covered in soft suede and not leather or rubber. Suede is ideal for hardwood floors that most dance floors are made of. Leather can make you slip and rubber does not glide too easily, and this can result in bad knees.

If you only have budget right now for one pair, choose the classic black pumps with 1 to 2 inch heels—preferably with T straps so your feet are secured. Sometimes ladies opt for nude colored pumps to elongate their legs. You can gradually include strappy ballroom sandals of different colors as you go along in your dancing adventures.

Since you are investing in ballroom dancing shoes, you might as well make sure that you keep them in the best condition possible. Keep shoes away from damp places and have them in a separate bag when you bring them to your dance lessons or performances. Using them for events other than dancing will wear them out more easily. Find a trusty shoe repair shop that knows how to handle dance shoes so you can drop your shoes off if ever they need fixing.

There you have it— the 411 on discount dance shoes that should help keep up with your swing dance steps. Go and buy a pair of discount dance shoes you can dance in today!

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