Looking For Ballroom Dance Shoes?

Are you looking for the perfect ballroom dance shoes? You might be dancing for quite a while now and you want to invest in buying a pair of dance shoes already. What are the things you need to know about what makes a great pair of ballroom dancing shoes?

I know— if you are a lady reading this, you are just about ready to go out and shop for the cutest pair of shoes, right? Well, the good news is there are a lot of really attractive dance shoes out there. However, you must remember that the primary thing that you should be looking for is not the appearance, but the material and functionality of the footwear.

Most dance shoes are specially constructed to provide the dancer ample support on the dance floor. A steel shank on the shoes’ underside and adequate heel support will help secure you when you make those complicated footwork steps. Extra padding in the insoles of the shoes are also excellent features that will ease the often over trained feet.

The heels of the shoes should be covered in suede, another material will not be very good to use on hardwood dance floors. Rubber soles adhere to the floor to much and causes you to injure your knees; and leather covered soles will make you slip, causing you to bruise not just your body but your ego as well.

Typically, the first pair of shoes a dancer buys is the classic pumps. A black or a nude pair is ideal. Consider getting pumps with a t-strap in case you worry that vigorous dancing will make your shoe fly off while in the middle of some steps. Easy to remove buckles and straps that do not cut into skin are also helpful pieces you should look out for.

If you already have pumps, then you should purchase some strappy heels to add to your wardrobe. Limit heel height to 2 to 3 inches only so you won’t be in danger of tripping. Latin dances consist of a lot of turns so if you have a lot of Latin numbers you will be performing, buy skinny heels. The slender shape of the heel makes twisting and turning easier than if you have a flared shaped heel on.

Now you know the basic construction of a dancer’s shoe. Where are you going to find them? This article contains links that will lead you to a store that will help supply your needs. Many professional dancers use these resources and products so you can be sure that you are getting more than your money’s worth when you buy here.

Remember though, when you get your ballroom dance shoes online, make sure you get your correct size. Carefully get your measurements and send it to the store. If it doesn’t fit, make arrangements so that you can return it immediately in exchange for the proper size. Do not use your shoes to walk around rough and uneven surfaces to preserve it as long as possible.

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