Looking For The Perfect Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Do you want to buy a new pair of ballroom dancing shoes? Maybe it’s finally time to retire that trusty pair of black pumps who has faithfully served you well as you learned to improve in your ballroom dance steps.  What next? What exactly do I need to look for in a great pair of dance shoes?

Classic Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Every dancer really needs a pair of classic black pumps in their wardrobe as a ballroom staple. You can add a flesh-toned pair and another in a metallic hue (silver or gold) to make your look more interesting. Some pumps have styles wherein there is a T-strap to secure your feet when you do those fancy footwork. Make sure the buckles are the easy snap ones and rests on your feet comfortably.   Ballroom Dancing Shoes - Click Here!

Pumps usually have flared heels. You know, those chunkier heels that if you are a woman, you know are more solid than stilettos. Flared heels are great for many dances but there are some forms of dance that should be performed with skinnier heels because it makes for easier twirls and turns. Heels should be around 1 to 3 inches when you are dancing.

What Height Should You Choose for Your Ballroom Dancing Shoes?

Now, some of you might be worried that having thin heels will make it dangerous for you to dance. If you think about it, even if you use flared heels that are higher than what you’re used to, it’s still a little scary to go out and do some of those ballroom dance steps, right? That might be true with regular shoes but ballroom dance shoes are specifically constructed to provide maximum support for the dancer’s feet to reduce the chances of performance related injuries.

What are some special features of ballroom shoes? Usually these shoes have a steel shank to support the feet. The heels should always be wrapped in suede because this material adheres to hardwood floors the best—not too slippery like leather, but not too “sticky” like rubber. You can avoid a lot of injuries when you use suede covered heels in dancing.

Strappy Ballroom Dancing Shoes, or Plain?

It is always better to have a pair with straps on so that you can be sure that your shoe doesn’t go flying off your footsy when you are dancing. Make sure though that the straps of the shoes you are purchasing are secure but not too tight, lest they cut to the skin of your feet and distract you when you are dancing. Remember even if the shoes are cute if they do not fit you well do not buy them. That’s right, I’m talking to you reading this right now. Just walk away— it’s not worth it.

You can buy ballroom dancing shoes on many online specialty shops. If you are more comfortable fitting them first before buying them then go to the site and check out where is the nearest retail store of the brand you are looking at. Write down the stock number of the particular style you want or call up that branch and order ahead. You may find that you get better deals on ballroom dancing shoes online, though.

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