Mens Ballroom Dance Shoes

You have to admit, the ladies are the usual stars of the dance floor. This doesn’t mean that men should not look as attractive as they possibly can, or that they can slack off in their dancing steps— of course not! They need to have the right gear for dancing and one of the most important ones that they should have are men’s ballroom dance shoes.

With all the styles and colors of women’s ballroom dance shoes, did you think that the gods of ballroom dancing will leave the men out in the cold? Men’s ballroom dance shoes, while not as noticeable and striking, is just as important as their beautiful partner’s pair of heels.

If you are a man (or if you are a woman reading for her man) just starting out in ballroom, you can just get yourself a black pair of leather lace up Oxfords for dancing. This will do the job well enough for the random event that requires you to dance. If however you find yourself being drawn to the magical world of dance, then it’s time to get out your wallet and invest in real ballroom dance shoes just for you.

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There are several types of men’s ballroom dance shoes. The standard ballroom shoe has a flat, square heel while the shoes used for Latin dances have a taller, more slender heel. This is hardly noticeable for the audience, but it makes a lot of difference for the dancer who uses them.

The thinner heel makes maneuvering twists and turns easier. There’s also a leather ballroom sneaker that looks like a typical sneaker, but has a split sole (the sole for the heel is separated from the sole of the ball). Most ballroom shoes made for men are done in black, or white and black; but you can still find different colors made from interesting materials like faux alligator skin, suede and even sequins.

Men’s ballroom dance shoes have a lot of the same construction as those seen in women’s ballroom shoes. There is a steel shank inserted for added arch support, suede covered soles, extra foot pad cushioning, and is lightweight to ease dancers’ foot fatigue. When you purchase these shoes, be very sure that they fit your feet just right. A pair that is too snug might be too uncomfortable and will affect your over-all performance.

Preserve your dance shoes by limiting its use to dance practices and performances only. Use a special suede sole brush to brush the sole of the shoe, and a soft cloth to wipe down the tops of the shoes after every session. Get a separate tote bag to carry your shoes around to the studio. You don’t want to wear them going to the studio and risk damaging it with dirt and rough surfaces.

Men’s roles are very important in ballroom dancing so don’t scrimp on yourself! Buy a beautiful pair of men’s ballroom dance shoes and enjoy dancing your best performances when you do!

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