My Gold Bloch Dance Shoes

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My Bloch Dance Shoes

All of my friends know about my gold Bloch dance shoes. They are one of my most valuable possessions. It’s not because they are super expensive or because they have super powers or something—well, maybe they do have a little bit of super powers. I turn into a dancing machine when I wear them. My gold Bloch shoes are special because they were my first ballroom dance shoes.

You see, I love ballroom dancing. I always have and I always will. Sure, we had dancing clubs in school and there were always opportunities to bust out a move somewhere. But I always wanted more. I don’t know, maybe it’s the romantic in me that just makes ballroom such a dreamy and awesome world to be part of.

Bloch Dance Shoes for Ballroom Dance Lessons

That’s why when I grew up I started ballroom dance lessons. You must be thinking, why get into dancing now when you’re an adult and you have more responsibilities than when you were a kid. You can afford it then. Well like I always say, you CANNOT afford to not have fun. You can’t deprive yourself of things that you love for the name of responsibility because if you do, you will grow old faster. Believe me— I’ve seen too many wrinkly, unhappy individuals to know that I do not want to be like one of them.

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So there I was in my first ballroom class and I didn’t know if my knees were shaking because my untrained feet didn’t know what to do, or because I was extremely nervous. It really doesn’t matter though, I adored it and I was there faithfully for the next sessions.

It was after a few sessions that I noticed that my black pumps were not going to cut it in these hallowed dance floors. I knew dance shoes could be expensive but I needed to sacrifice to the ballroom dancing gods to show them that I meant business when I made a commitment to learn ballroom. I thought, if I were going to buy a pair of ballroom shoes, it has to be something really good. My friends had Bloch dance shoes and they said the shoes were sturdy and really comfortable. I went home and it was in my research that I found “It”—my perfect gold dance shoes.

My Perfect Bloch Dance Shoes

They were closed-toe with cross ankle straps with a self-locking buckle for easy changing. I knew it had all these other super important technical features too which was good because it didn’t matter—the sparkling gold shoe spoke to my heart and I just knew I would be the next best ballroom dancer if I had those gold shoes with me.

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You cannot imagine the excitement of wearing these for the first time. It was so funny, I really was dancing with so much energy and apparent bliss that everybody was wondering what it was. It was my beautiful Bloch dance shoes. I know, it sounds silly but there it is. Like I said, you need to be a little silly and have a little fun if you want to live a long and happy life. I guess it looks like I’m going to be here for a long time with my Bloch dance shoes!

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