Professional Ballroom Dance Shoes

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Ballroom Dance Shoes

You have spent the last three months learning swing dance steps online. How is it going for you? Are you ready to take the next step and invest more of your time, money and effort into it? Well, one of the first things you need to buy that should be in every professional (or serious) dancer’s arsenal is a good pair of ballroom dance shoes.

What makes a good pair of dance shoes? There are literally thousands out there in the Internet as well as in the local stores—so what should you look for that is worth the money you are shelling out for it? Find out more about the best tips in shopping for ballroom dancing shoes here.

Shopping for Ballroom Dance Shoes

Before you consider style, you need to check out the material of the shoes being offered. Are the heels covered in suede? Suede provides the best grip on the hardwood that dance floors are made of. Some stores offer leather ones which is not ideal because it can be too slippery to dance in. Others come in rubber which is also a bad idea because it sticks to the floor too much and may cause the dancer knee injury. Be aware of the material that the heel is covered in because it is critical to your safety and performance.

Ballroom shoes have steel shanks that will give added support to the feet. Many also have heel support that some dancers look for. The more support it gives you the better. Remember, you will be twisting and doing fancy footwork out there—your shoes should be able to keep up with you everywhere you go.

Tips for Buying Ballroom Dance Shoes

If this is your first time to buy your dance shoes, it is advisable to purchase it in a store. You need to be able to fit it for yourself and make sure that it fits just right. Your toes should have just enough wiggle room without it being too loose and slip off from your feet. If you want to buy your shoes online, be sure to exchange the pair immediately if it doesn’t fit you just right.

Now we come to the styles. This is where the fun begins. If you have a budget only for one pair right now, it’s alright. Buy a practical pair like black pumps with a T-strap. You can also get a nude one if you want to make your legs look longer. Gradually build up your ballroom shoes collection and add in some strappy sandals for the spicy Latin dances. Always consider the fit and support before anything else.  Buy Ballroom Dance Shoes - Click Here!

You can usually find these ballroom dance shoes in the same place where you learn swing dance steps online. If not, there is probably a link which will bring you to a site where you can get the tools and equipment needed for your dancing. You can find ballroom music and even costumes in some of these specialty sites. Learn as much as you can about ballroom dancing, get yourself some ballroom dance shoes, and have fun!

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