Shoes For Ballroom Dancing

Do you ever daydream? I do, all the time. Usually it involves me in a gorgeous gown dancing the night away with a handsome fellow that moves beautifully. Well, the good news is that this doesn’t have to stay a dream for most of us. You can start ballroom dancing lessons and be the star of your own show— and not just in your head. To do this, you will need the right shoes for ballroom dancing.

Why are the proper shoes for ballroom dancing so important?  I mean, regular shoes cover your feet just as well, right? The fact is that ballroom shoes are made differently from regular shoes. The material used and construction undertaken are what makes these shoes specifically designed for ballroom dancing.

No, ballroom dancing shoes don’t possess magical powers (although some dancers claim that they do). They are, however, extremely useful to the dancer who want to make the most out of every performance. When you know that you have specially engineered shoes to protect you from as much injuries as possible, you will be able to put out a great performance every time you get on the dance floor.

An important feature in ballroom dance shoes are the material used in the soles. Are they covered in suede or chrome leather? This material will provide the optimum grip and glide you need on the typical hardwood dance floors. Don’t settle for rubber or leather soles because they will either be slippery or stick too much on the floor and cause you injuries.

The heel height is also another critical factor when considering shoes for ballroom dancing. After all, you don’t want to trip and fall in your performance now do you? 1 ½ to 2 ½ inch heels are the ideal height for you to dance in. Flared heels will help stabilize you but if you will be performing a number with a lot of twists and turns, you will do better with slimmer heels.

If you are just starting out, a pair of pumps in black or nude is a good choice. I personally love how nude pumps make the legs look longer. As you progress in your ballroom dancing though, you will need to build up your shoe wardrobe. Add in strappy sandals in fun colors for the Latin numbers. Make sure that the straps aren’t too tight that it cuts your skin and become uncomfortable when you perform. Fit your shoes so that you get just the right size for yourself.

Because shoes for ballroom dancing are more delicate than the average pair of shoes, take care of them by not using them for any other purpose than dancing. When you do, these beautiful shoes will last you for a long time. Check out this dance store to find some of the prettiest shoes there is. Professional dancers use the products sold here so you can be sure that the dollars you spend are well worth it. Shop for your perfect pair and expect a higher level of performance when you do. Enjoy!

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