Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes

In ballroom dancing, one of the most important investments you can ever make is a good pair of ballroom dancing shoes, and Supadance ballroom dance shoes is a leading manufacturer of excellent shoes that professional dancers worldwide use even today.

Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes

Supadance ballroom dance shoes has been in business for a few decades already. This company produces handmade quality dance shoes made in their native London, although you can avail of them from any reliable dance store online.

I have been looking at dance shoes a lot and I have to say that Supadance has some of the most elegant and stylish designs out there today. While before dancers would think of the best material and construction of their shoes first, now they have the luxury of choosing beautiful shoes without compromising on their quality.

Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes London

Since this is a London based company, expect that the sizes are those made for English sizes and if you plan on buying a pair, convert your size accordingly. Remember, the fit of the shoe is extremely important and you don’t want to waste your money or endanger your performance by getting a shoe that is too tight or too loose for you. If your feet are on the wider size, you can choose from the styles that have options for a variety of width fitting.

The dance shoes you will find here use a few materials, and it is a good idea to know how to properly care for them so that you will preserve your shoe as long as possible. You are probably familiar with leather, patent leather, satin and suede, and unsure about the others. Nubuck is simulated suede and coag is simulated leather.

Cleaning Your Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes

There are special shampoos that you can use, but make sure you only use the correct cleaning agent for the material of the shoe you bought. Invest in a shoe brush and a shoe case where you can store your shoes in before and after your rehearsals and performances. You can also buy replacement soles and heel protectors to make your shoe more comfortable and fit you better.

Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes Straps

The straps of Supadance products are cut straight to make it easier for you to adjust the straps so it will be custom fit to your feet. When you have fit it, adjust the straps accordingly so that it hugs your feet snugly without being too tight. After determining the best fit, you can cut the strap 3 cm from the buckle at an angle so it will look better.

While quality ballroom dance shoes may be expensive, sometimes reputable dance shoe manufacturers like Supadance have promos on some of their shoes. I have seen some of these discounted shoes and I can tell you that you will not only save a lot of money, you are also getting yourself a beautifully designed pair of shoes with styles that are classic but not out of date. Go to the links in this site to find out more about supadance ballroom dance shoes today!

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