The Importance Of A Good Ballroom Dancing Shoe

When is it time to buy ballroom shoes? This is a question that I have often been asked by friends who have taken up ballroom dancing. My answer is if you love dancing and can see yourself giving more of your time to it, then you most definitely need to buy good ballroom dancing shoe as soon as you can.

Why is that? I know that a ballroom dancing shoe is more expensive than regular shoes. Friend, it may be that you have a sturdy pair of black pumps that have served you well enough the past few weeks, but if you keep using your pumps, it won’t be long before you find yourself getting an injury on the dance floor.

Even if you say that your shoes are not high enough for you to worry about tripping, it can still harm some of your body parts over a period of time. The heels that your pumps are covered in is probably made of rubber or leather. Did you know that rubber will stick too much to the hardwood dance floor and leather has a tendency to be slippery? A ballroom dance shoe, on the other hand, has suede covered soles— the perfect material to grip and glide on the dance floor.

Ballroom dance shoes come with a slightly higher price tag because it of the special material and construction that is used. You will notice that these shoes also come with a steel shank, heel supports, easy snap buckles and extra padding to cushion the dancer’s tired feet. Make sure that your shoes fit you perfectly so that you are not uncomfortable when you are out in the dance floor. A wince instead of a smile might give you a few deductions in the judge’s score cards.

When you purchase your shoes, be sure to buy the best so that it can stay with you for a while. You can find a great selection of ballroom dance shoes in the links provided in this article today. You can be sure you will get your money’s worth because even professional dancers use the brands and products that this dance store offers.

Take care of your shoes well. Don’t use them to walk around, no matter how cute you think they look on you. Use them only for dancing so that you can preserve it for as long as possible. Keep them covered and stored in a separate bag that you can carry when you’re on your way to your lesson. Find a good repair shop that knows how to mend minor problems in dance shoes. You can save a lot of money by dropping off your shoes and having them fixed instead of buying a brand new pair again and again.

Remember, your ballroom dancing shoe is an investment you are making for yourself. When you are not worried of falling or of having long term injuries, you are able to give a better performance and enjoy yourself better. So buy yourself a beautiful pair today— you deserve it.

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