The Tale of The Capezio Dance Shoes

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My Capezio Dance Shoes

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who always wanted to dance. I then grew up and did more “important” stuff but the love for dancing has never left me. So guess what I did? I got myself a beautiful pair of Capezio dance shoes and together we started on my dancing adventure.

Ballroom dancing is an amazing thing. Really. If you love this as much as I do, you know that it literally makes you forget wherever you are because it transports you to another place where everything is beautiful and magical. Imagine if this is how you feel when you watch ballroom, it is doubly as special when you go out and perform it yourself.

Trying Out My Capezio Dance Shoes

After a while, I finally convinced myself to go get some ballroom lessons so I could try out my Capezio dance shoes. I was a little shy at first but after looking up on some ballroom dance videos and practice at home first. I finally got the courage and enrolled in a local studio—and what fun it has been! You’re around people who share your passion for dance and you get to learn from them the best tips and tools you need to improve your aptitude for this art.

That’s where I learned more about Capezio dance shoes. I mean, of course I knew they were quality shoes, but I never really thought about it much until I started to dance. All dancers love this brand. I think if you ask most professional dancers (even celebrities I’ve been told)— they all have at least a couple of pairs of this high-quality brand in their dance arsenal.

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So of course I had to see what all the fuss was about, right? I went online to read up on the brand and the news about it being an excellent brand is well founded. Capezio first got known in the dancing world because they made extremely good ballet shoes, but they have since expanded to include other kinds of dance shoes in their product offerings.

It is important to buy dance shoes from a company who knows how to manufacture them. Not everybody knows the detail and work that goes to a typical ballroom dance shoes. It must have a steel shank, covered heels, heel support, snug straps, and other special features. A sturdy and well-engineered pair will protect you from injuries—this will free your mind from worry and help you when you are ballroom dancing.

Another Pair of Capezio Dance Shoes …

I didn’t need much convincing, I went out and got myself another pair of Capezio shoes right away. I was not disappointed. My shoes have given me more confidence in hitting my dance steps just right and I really did perform better knowing that I have a great pair of shoes on. I’m already thinking of going back and getting myself more pairs in different styles.

I think I will always love ballroom and thanks to my Capezio dance shoes, I can be the best that I can be when I dance happily ever after.

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