Womens Ballroom Dance Shoes

If you have been dancing for more than a few weeks, you would already have a feel of how committed you want to be in ballroom dancing. If you think that ballroom is more than just a passing fancy for you and you would like to put more of yourself in it, then you need to start looking for some women’s ballroom dance shoes.

Ballroom dance shoes are an essential part in any dancer’s bag. Why is that? Think about it, would you wear a regular pair of sneakers to compete in a track and field event? How about using the old rubber shoes to play soccer? Of course not right? Some sports will require specific features in their footwear in order for the athlete to perform competently.

It is the same way with dancing. Women’s ballroom dance shoes are specially engineered to meet the dancer’s needs. Now, if you are just taking up ballroom to learn the Waltz for a wedding or an event of some sort, then your pair of pumps will do just fine. For the serious dance enthusiast however, you do not want to use anything but the best for the object of your passion.

Most dance shoes has a steel shank to undergird the sole of the dancer. Oftentimes you will find heel cups, added foot padding and easy snap clasps on the buckles of the shoes. These features will greatly assist in alleviating foot fatigue and in so doing, prime the dancer to give her best performance yet.

The heel of the ballroom dance shoe is also critical for you to avoid potential injuries. Rubber covered soles tend to adhere to the floor too much, and this will be a cause for long term knee injuries. Leather covered heels on the other hand are too slippery and may result in un-choreographed slides across the dance floor. Suede is the ideal material to cover the heels of the ballroom shoes in.

You can click on the online dance store in this article to find yourself a great pair of dance shoes. I know for us women, while material is critical, we don’t want to get anything that won’t look good on us. Fortunately, we don’t have too. The dance store offers a variety of fantastic looking women’s ballroom dance shoes that you will be proud to walk out the dance floor in.

When you purchase your shoes, be sure that you take care of them as well as you can. How do you do this? The most important tip is for you not to wear them for any other purpose other than dancing. Do not use them to walk around, especially in dirty and rough surfaces. It will wear out your shoes too much and you will need to get another pair before long. Keep your special shoes in a different bag and use it only during your lessons and performances.

What are you waiting for? Be the best dancer that you can be and get your beautiful pair of women’s ballroom dance shoes today!

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