A Promise in a Dance – How to Slow Dance at a Wedding

How to Slow Dance

Wedding preparations are usually full of many minute details, from the china to be used, to the food, to the dress the bridesmaids will wear, to the venue, and even to the weather during the month of the wedding, that there are some things that can easily be overlooked. Among those things are the intricacies of how to slow dance at a wedding.

The slow dance, perhaps the most awaited joining in a wedding reception, is considered as a signature the couple will make as they enter a new journey hands intertwined. In so saying, slow dance becomes much more than a slow dance, when perform by the highlighted couple. The slow dance in essence becomes a message and symbol on how the couple will be in their marriage. An intimate dance full of longing glances can indicate a passionate relationship. A fun, flirty dance can symbolize a bright and endearing partnership. Both ways a dance is a message and a promise the couple make to each other.

The question now is, how to slow dance at a wedding and carry out a promise of a bright future with each other?

First, the couple must select the wedding song they will dance to. Now, the song is as important as the actual dancing. If the dance is a promise, the song is the layers containing the clauses of said promise. Make sure that you pick the song that is most congruent to your relationship.

How to Slow Dance at a Wedding

Second, thought it would not take a genius to learn how to slow dance. It will help the couple a great deal if they will hire an instructor and practice their dancing skills diligently. Contrary, to popular belief, slow dancing in a wedding does not just involved the two parties involved to shuffle their feet. If one is to make a promise, one must make sure that he/she will not clumsily utter the promise. Similar to any oral promises made, the promise in a dance must be delivered with seduction and deliberation.

Third, not necessarily the last step but the most important, enjoy the dance. Let go and just have fun feeling each other’s body. You are now one and joined and Holy Matrimony. So be joyous and just let go. All the stress that a wedding ceremony might have brought to the couple should be eradicated once the couple makes their way across the ballroom floor.
Make sure that you have learned the basic steps on how to slow dance in a wedding and you can never go wrong. Slow dance and fulfill that promise.

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