How To Slow Dance

Sweaty hands, cottony mouth, knocking knees… yes, I know I’m talking to all of you who have tried slow dancing with someone you like. Many of us failed the first few times and you want to know how to slow dance so you actually enjoy the close time you spend with the one you’re crushing on the next time.

When we talk about slow dancing, the formal dance one automatically thinks of is the waltz. This is the dance couples learn before they get married. However, when it comes to regular dances get-togethers, there is no exact science on how to slow dance with the opposite gender.

What is more important in slow dancing is the chemistry you bring to the dance. No one will remember if you took a step with the left foot or with the right foot, what they will remember in that special moment is the funny stories and sweet moments shared between two individuals that are trying to get to know each other.

So what are some good tips to make your time together work? If you are a guy, be courteous and ask the girl to dance. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl you’ve never talked to before, or if it’s your wife of 20 years. It’s always good manners to ask a girl out to dance and make her feel special.

Now perhaps one of the most awkward moments in a slow dance is the first few moments where the couple fumbles around to where they would put their hands. For the men, the hands generally rest loosely around the waist (no lower!), or for more formal events, one hand on the waist, and the other holding her hand. The women’s arms are lightly draped around the man’s neck or shoulders.

When you get past this few seconds, it’s now all about chemistry. Make the most out of this opportunity to learn more about your partner. Again, it doesn’t matter how short or how long you’ve known your partner, you can always know more about each other. Share stories, silly jokes or talk about whatever you want to share in your heart. If all else fails, you can look into each other’s eyes or rest your head on the other person’s shoulder, if you’re a girl, or top of her head, if you’re a guy.

Of course unless you pay the DJ well, the song won’t last forever. When the song ends, do not stay on the floor and be cheesy. Men should escort the women back to her table. If you want to spend more time with her, then ask permission to sit with her. If not, or if you feel that she’s uncomfortable, then politely thank her and excuse yourself. Always be unfailingly gracious either way. You never know what could happen in the future.

Dancing is a wonderful experience you can share with someone you care about. Make it an unforgettable one when you learn more on how to slow dance today. Enjoy!

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