Learn How to Slow Dance Today

A lot of people want to learn how to slow dance even with the emergence of other exciting forms of dancing.

Why is that?

Well, think about it this way – slow dancing is like a painting. People may get excited with the digital camera because it so fast and easy to use but paintings will forever be there to be appreciated and used as a form of intimate communication between two people sharing similar passions and visions.

Whether it is for personal or for a professional purpose, slow dancing is meant to relay a message. If you are planning to dance professionally, then I suggest you enroll yourself in a local dance studio closest to your home. When you commit to dancing, it will take a lot of hours, bruises and (sometimes) even broken bones to get to that level where you can call yourself a professional but you will get there if you don’t give up.

So Learn How to Slow Dance

If you just want to learn the basics because prom is just around the corner then you are in luck! There are several ways and means to learn basic slow dancing today. You can learn how to slow dance by using an online dance instruction video in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Click on the links in this article to find an absolutely fabulous ballroom dancing DVD to help you in your dancing goal today.

Here are some valuable tips you must take note when you are about to …

Learn How to Slow Dance:

* Watch where you put your hands. If you are unaware of where it goes you may accidentally offend someone.
* Emotionally put yourself in the moment when you dance. It is useless to slow dance with someone if you are fidgeting and trying to think of the next thing you plan to say. If you are not in the moment- your partner will notice and this will make for an awkward situation.
* Slide your feet gently instead of stomping it. The noise and the “obvious” effort will just ruin the mood.
* Make eye contact- and do not look at another girl!
* Should you accidentally step on her foot, apologize right away and do not do it again.
* Be charming, sensitive and sweet. Guide her to the dance floor by gentling holding her hand and offer her a drink after. Remember that slow dancing does not just start and end on the dance floor.
* In case you are not enjoying the dance, finish the dance properly then ask to be excused. That is the gentlest way to not break your partner’s heart, or her ego.

So aside from going online or to your sister’s dance school to learn how to slow dance, the tips mentioned above will help make your first slow dance experience a stress-free one, and once you have done your homework and learned the basics, practice with a few close friends so you’ll be ready and confident when the day comes.

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