Learn How to Slow Dance Well – Some Tips

Learn How to Slow Dance

Learn How to Slow Dance Well

Do you want to learn how to slow dance? I don’t know where you’re going to need to slow dance, a wedding, a performance, a special number at a party—wherever it is, you can learn how to slow dance with a few simple tips.

Find out what kind of slow dance you need to do. For school proms and such, you don’t really need a lot of lessons. You just keep a respectable amount of distance from your partner with the hands on their proper place (guys at the girl’s hip side and girls around the guy’s shoulders) and sway with the music. There are no hard and fast rules on this but it’s a good idea to make light conversation and just have fun getting to know each other.

Learn How to Slow Dance for Formal Occasions

If you need to slow dance for a more formal occasion, you probably need to learn the basic steps in Waltz. Wait, what is Waltz anyway? This is a slow ballroom dance that you will see performed by many dancers in popular dance reality shows. It is marked by its elegance, fluidity and timelessness that make it such a beautiful thing to watch.

The first thing you need to learn is how to hold your partner. Face each other. The man’s right hand should rest on the woman’s back (people’s opinions vary whether or not it should be in the middle or lower part of the back), and the left arm slight bent and extended, should lightly hold the woman’s left hand. The woman’s right hand is placed on the man’s left shoulder.

The man should lead so on the first count the man should take a graceful step forward with the left foot (the woman follows by doing the opposite of the man’s part). On the second count, take a right step and trace an upside down L in the air as you do this. On the third count, slide the left foot beside the right foot smoothly. On the fourth count step back with the right foot, on the fifth count step back with the left foot and trace another backward L. Finally, slide the right foot towards the left foot smoothly. This is the basic steps pattern for the Waltz.

Learn How to Slow Dance the Waltz

If you are only dancing the Waltz a couple of times, there is no need to buy ballroom dance shoes. Then again, in case you find yourself enjoying dancing ballroom or just in case you want a special pair for the special occasion, you can consider buying a beautiful pair for yourself. Ballroom dance shoes are specially constructed and should be taken cared of well.

You can go to online videos to get a more detailed picture so you can learn how to slow dance more thoroughly. Have your partner with you so you can learn together. With your special someone in your arms, the hours will fly by so fast you’ll want more special occasions so you can have an excuse to dance together some more.

Learn How to Slow Dance

So what are you waiting for?Click here for more info, and Learn How to Slow Dance!

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