Swing Dance Moves

Learn Swing Dance Moves

Swing Dance Moves

Do you love to dance all the latest swing dance moves? Are you taking lessons or are you already a professional performer? Maybe you are someone who likes dancing but would like to know more about it first. Find out more about all the fun swing dance moves right here!

Swing dancing originated in the 1920s and grew in popularity through the years. The Lindy Hop was the first swing dance and from there, developed into many other various forms. Throughout the generations we have seen the evolution of this culture that gave birth to the Charleston, Shag, Balboa, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Jive, Rock and Roll, Modern Jive and Boogie Woogie.

Popularity of Swing Dance Moves Today

Even if there are more modern kinds of dancing around, the swing dance is still popular as evidenced by the competitions that are still being held by various places around the world. A big part of the judging is based on showmanship (costumes, presentation and creativity) so expect performers to put on the best show for you. Other criteria include timing, technique and teamwork.

Teamwork plays a critical role in swing dance. As you already probably know, swing is not a solo dance. You have to establish the right connection with your partner, have chemistry and trust each other to be able to pull off professional dancing well. Therefore, if you are planning to enroll in a dancing class, choose someone you can dance with and enroll together. If you are too shy, read up on swing dance steps online and practice before you go public.

Learning Swing Dance Moves Purely for Fun!

If you are not planning to do this full-time, just for fun then that’s good as well. Again, swing dance steps online can still help you and your partner be familiar with the basic steps so when you step out into the dance floor—you don’t have to be scared of making a fool of yourself. Expect a lot of twisting, throwing, flipping and general merriment when you go to a club of “swingers”.

As many musicians would likely tell you, there is no technical “swing music”, only music that can swing when you swing. Swing dancing is largely subject to the popular music of the era it’s in. Jazz, Rock and Roll, Blues, Hip Hop, Funk and Pop have all contributed to this scene in one way or another.

Footwork is an integral part of swing dance. If you want to learn how to dance like a pro, you better brush up on your footwork. The rock step and triple step is a staple in most forms of swing. A good tip is to keep your feet close together and support each other’s (you and your partner) weight through holding hands.

Now, are you ready to start dancing? Swing dance moves may be complicated at first but it won’t be for long. Smile big and have fun fun fun! That is the best way to dance—that is the only way to dance. Enjoy those swing dance moves!

Learn Swing Dance Moves

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