Swing Dance Steps Online

Learn Swing Dance Steps Online

Swing Dance Steps Online

Let’s talk about learning swing dance steps online. Is this a great thing or not? Well, there’s nothing like being with other people learning how to dance, but let’s be honest— we can do without the sweaty strangers and the sometimes inconvenient commute going to the studio. So what are the benefits of learning swing dance steps online, and how can we go about this for ourselves.

Swing dance is a popular form of dance. It is. I mean, say what you want about the stuff music videos are churning out—swing dance is still a classic. I’m sure you agree with me on this. If you are starting to find out more about this, or just discovering how fun it seems—then I would suggest you study it at home for yourself first.

Swing Dance Steps Online and on Video

Think about it, there are several how to swing dance videos out there that you can learn from first. Of course I would highly suggest that you convince, persuade or bribe someone to be your partner and learn together. Broomsticks don’t always give out the same chemistry as will a live, breathing partner would. Together you can work on your technique and style until you become better at it.

What particular type of swing are you looking at? There is the ever popular Lindy Hop, but you can also take a page or two from the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Balboa, Shag, Charlston and the Boogie Woogie. If you are not going into competition and learning just for fun, then try the basic Lindy Hop. Once you have the basic footwork done, the rest of the variations are easier to master.

The good thing about swing is that there is no specific music that it goes by. In fact, swing is influenced chiefly by whatever popular tunes are around. So pick an upbeat and catchy tempo and start moving and you’ll find yourself dancing swing in no time.

Another thing with how to swing dance videos is that the instructors will give you helpful tips on how to improve on your teamwork and timing. Teamwork is critical in any dance that involves partnership. These helpful videos will show you how to hold your partner, how to carry them, how to hold the proper posture, how to lead, how to follow, etc. Also, you can put the video on pause or repeat it as much as you want when you want to learn something specific.

When you first begin to practice ballroom dancing, you won’t need to splurge on all the ballroom dancing paraphernalia. Check out how you like it first before you invest in anything. If you feel like this is something you will do for a long time, get a pair of good ballroom dancing shoes and build on your wardrobe gradually.

Learning Swing Dance Steps Online

Learning swing dance steps online is very useful, but you shouldn’t stop there. When you feel you are ready, go out there and show the world what you’ve got! They’ll be surprised where an overnight and “natural” talent like you has been hiding all these years.

Learn Swing Dance Steps Online

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