Swing Dance Steps

Swing Dance Steps Learning System

Swing Dance Steps

How many of us secretly hold dates with the broom and dance the night away, and imagine ourselves performing intricate swing dance steps like a professional? If I’m the only one raising my hand let this be our secret. Dancing is a great way to get some exercise in while having a lot of fun. Some of us may be shy about it especially when we start, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a dancing machine in no time! Learn these simple swing dance steps in this easy to follow article.

Facts About Swing Dance Steps

Let’s get some cool facts about swing in first. Swing dancing is originated around the same time that jazz and other fun music genres were born. The Lindy Hop was the original swing dance but other variations came in afterwards like the Boogie Woogie, the Jitterbug, Hustle, West Coast Swing Dance and the East Coast Swing Dance. For now, we will focus on learning the basics swing dance moves of the Lindy Hop.

The Lindy Hop started out as a 4/4 beat but it can be sped up to 8 counts per measure. This is a non-progressive enjoyable dance that requires partnering so before anything else—either sign up for a class and train with a dance instructor or grab a good friend and learn how to swing dance together.

Executing Swing Dance Steps as a Couple

If you are a guy, hold out your arms with the palms facing up, while the woman fits her hand on your palms, gently holding on to you. Hold your elbows beside your body and lean your weight on your partner’s hands. The Lindy Hop is performed almost completely from your waist to your feet so this support will help the both of you maintain good balance.

The rock step and triple step is the basic footwork you should learn in any swing dance. This is done by putting your left foot behind around 7-8 inches. The weight shifts from the feet so in essence, you are making a rocking motion with this move.

So the first step in the Lindy Hop is a rock step, then shift your weight back to your right foot and bring both feet back together (the left coming back in beside the right foot). After this, step quickly with the left foot and then the right, making a fast triple step. Do this swift sequence of steps through the beats of 3 and 4. Remember, this is from side to side. Do not move forward or backward when you do this.

Then, take a foot to the right on beat 5, and bring the left foot back beside the right foot on step 6. Do another triple step succession beginning with the right foot in place. And here you have the basic swing dance moves.

Did that look too hard now? Check out some teaching videos on the internet to give you a better idea on these swing dance steps. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll get your exercise in when you do. Go ahead and have fun with the Lindy Hop today!

Swing Dance Steps Learning System

Swing Dance Steps – the way to go!

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