Basic Swing Dance Step

You, yes you. Are you a swinger? By swinger of course I mean a swing dancer. If you are, then it’s highly likely that you are fun, vivacious and loves having a good time. If not, then it’s time to join the happy club! The basic swing dance step is not difficult and you will enjoy the whole journey of learning this dance thoroughly.

There are many kinds and styles of swing, the original of all these is the Lindy Hop. The Lindy Hop started out being a hip, social dance that the cool people in Harlem developed. It goes without saying that you really can’t hide a good thing and so it wasn’t long before word got out of this new, dynamic dance and the swing dance was born.

The basic swing dance step is performed to a 6-count or 8-count rhythm. When it started out, big band style of music and jazz are the preferred tunes to dance swing with. However, as time passed, so did innovations in the music scene. Swing is now danced to jazz, hip hop, funk, rock and roll, and almost any form of popular music of the particular era.

How about you? Do you think you want to get in on the swing? There are some dance classes that offer lessons on the basics of ballroom dancing. You can even learn through an instructional dance DVD if you’re too shy to dance in front of other people. You can find an amazing dance video that has helped so many people become better dancers in the links provided in this article.

When you do start on your ballroom dancing lessons, there are a few things you need to know that will help you perform better. One is to stretch before and after a dance session. This is a practice newbie dancers often overlook. Stretching is very important because it loosens tight muscles and joints while warming up your body for the workout ahead. You can prevent injuries and aching muscles when you take 15 minutes to warm up and cool down regularly.

While you probably enrolled because of the super cool-looking dance steps you always see the professional dancers do, you mustn’t get ahead of yourself too fast. Master the basic steps of the number you’re going to perform first. Take the choreography apart and learn each section until you can do it without looking at your feet and counting out loud. Then put them together and practice, practice, practice with your partner.

You need to practice a lot with your partner because even if you have all the steps down and you’re technically perfect, it won’t work if you don’t have that essential connection with the person you’re dancing with. Establish a good rapport with them and learn to anticipate each other’s moves. When you start flowing together, then the magic begins.

Lastly, have fun! Enjoy the basic swing dance step and other people will catch your enthusiasm and love for dance. Do these tips and have a wonderful time ahead!

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