Competitions In Swing Dance Step

Everybody loves ballroom dancing— alright maybe not everybody but enough people like it that international tournaments are being held from around the world to celebrate ballroom dancing. You think dancing is all fun and games, but it takes real hard work to be able to cut it for competitions in swing dance step.

When it comes to ballroom, there are several styles and genres you can compete with. The Waltz, Cha cha, Paso doble and Samba are just a few of these awesome dances that professional dancers participate in. One of the most anticipated styles of dance that the audience looks forward to is the swing.

While swing is not as sexy as the Latin numbers, there is such a freshness and excitement in dancing it that makes it such a joy to watch. It is a fast paced, partner dance that incorporates a lot of dips, twists and turns all throughout the dance. If you want to be entertained, spend a few minutes watching swing dance step and you will.

Swing has many sub-categories that have evolved through the years. You have the Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Boogie, Woogie, Carolina Shag, Imperial Swing and the Jive. There are also a few swing dances that was developed and became popular in a particular region like Washington hand dancing in Washington D.C.; Whip and Push, both in Texas; and Supreme Swing in Tulsa.

There may be many swing styles but for competitions, the East Coast Swing is used for the American style ballroom swing, while the Jive is the standard dance performed for the International style of ballroom dancing.

Swing competitions have different formats that the all participants abide by. Sometimes individuals compete individually, then they are randomly matched and scored together as partners in the final round. In some of the more challenging tournaments a couple is tasked to dance to music with no pre-choreographed steps allowed. Mostly though, we see competitions that have couples dance to a pre-choreographed and planned music. This is the format that most reality dance shows use nowadays.

Depending on the particular competition, there are several rules that the partners must abide by (perhaps restrictions of lifts, specific dance moves required, etc.). For the most part though, a couple is judged with the following criteria: timing, teamwork and technique.

Technique refers to the precision of the skill the dancers exhibit, while timing is judged by the ability of the dancers to keep up with the rhythm and tempo of the song they are performing to. Teamwork is determined by the partnering skills of both the individuals. The man must lead competently and the woman should be able to follow gracefully.

Swing dance step competitions are fun and thrilling events that you should follow. The fantastic costumes and level of difficulty that the dancers are able to pull off are really quite extraordinary. Be forewarned though, if you watch these shows, you just might be inspired to get up and dance yourself! Enjoy!

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