Different Kinds Of Swing Dance Step

You will find that there are many people enrolling in ballroom dancing lessons to learn more about the swing. It is a much loved classic that has retained its good-natured fun and entertainment throughout the years. Did you know that there are actually several kinds of swing dance step? Learn more about it when you read this article today.

Probably the most known of all the types of swing dance is the Lindy Hop. It is where all the different forms of swing evolved from. The Lindy Hop was birthed in the streets of Harlem during the 1920s and it was danced to blues, jazz, as well as non-traditional genres of ballroom dancing such as hip hop, funk and rock and roll.

If the Lindy Hop is performed with an 8 count beat, the East Coast Swing is danced to a simpler 6 count rhythm. It’s also called the 6 count swing, triple step swing, and the single time swing. You can thank the Arthur Murray dance studio for coming up with this lively and super popular swing dance step in the 1940s. The Boogie-woogie is acknowledged as the European equivalent of the East Coast swing.

You need to have quick feet if you want to dance the Balboa, another type of swing dance step that originated in Southern California. The outstanding characteristic of Balboa is its emphasis of close partnership work. The couple dancing this often performs in close proximity to each other for the most part of the dance.

If there is such a thing as the East Coast Swing, you can be sure that the West Coast will come up with one of its own. The West Coast Swing is another offshoot of the Lindy Hop that was popular in United States and Canada. This is not to be mistaken for Western Swing. Western Swing or Country Swing is, as you have guessed, danced to country music.

The Carolina Shag is the swing that is often associated with beach music. The Imperial Swing on the other hand, is an interesting fusion of the East Coast Swing, the West Coast Swing and The Carolina Shag. It was created when a club owner had swing dancers from different parts of the state teach teenagers elements of the particular swing that they knew. Washington Hand Dancing is another adaptation of the Lindy Hop that incorporated suave footwork with elaborate hand movements.

The Jive is the swing that American soldiers introduced to Europe during World War II. It became so well-loved that it is danced and recognized even today, as a category in the International Style Ballroom Dancing. The Skip Jive is a British variance of the Jive that sprang up in the 1950s, and the Modern Jive is said to be France’s version of the Jive that was developed in the 1980s.

Whatever swing dance step you decide to learn, you’ll be sure to have fun! Add your own style and sassy fun when you perform the swing and have the best time when you do. Enjoy!

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