East Coast Swing Dance Moves

I know who you are. You are that secret dance fanatic who adores the fun and exciting swing steps but aren’t sure if you want to go out there and enroll in a real, live class yet. Well, here are some East Coast swing dance moves to help you discover your inner dance diva before you make that commitment to join a dance class.

There are many kinds of swing dancing and the East Coast swing is perhaps the most popular of them all. It is the standard dance used for American competitions for swing dancing. It has a few spins and turns incorporated in the danced and are performed to a fast beat. This dance is also known as the Triple Time Swing.

Now, don’t let the name daunt you. East Coast swing dance moves can be a little fast, but once you get the basics down, you can do all those fancy twists and turns without too much trouble. Keep the steps small and your knees slightly bent so you can easily change from one dance step to the next.

The man usually takes the lead and the woman takes the follower’s role. For the man, take a step to the left with the left foot on the first beat and bring your right foot beside your left foot on the next count. Again, take a left side step but this time, don’t close the gap. Instead, rock your weight to the right foot then close your left foot beside the right foot. Step to the side with the right foot, then step to the back with the left, shifting your weight to the right foot.

The ladies part is the mirror opposite of the man. Take a right side step and close the space with the left foot. Take another step to the right but instead of bringing the left beside the right foot, rock your weight to the left foot. Put your right foot beside your left foot. Take a small step to the side with the left foot then step back with the right foot, shifting your weight to the left foot.

With the East Coast swing, the partners dance in an open dance position (facing each other holding hands lightly). The couple shouldn’t squeeze, press or grasp tightly on his/her partner’s hands. There should only be a slight pressure maintained throughout the dance, which the lead uses to give claves to his partner— subtly direct her to the dips, and turns in the choreography. Incidentally, thumbs are not used when dancing the swing.

It’s not easy to learn the East Coast swing dance moves through reading an article— you need to download some great 50s music to help you get your groove on. Check out the ballroom dancing DVD in the links provided in this article today. The DVD will give you great tips and information on how to really step it up with your dancing. Who knows, you just might find your calling in life. Enjoy!

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