East Coast Swing Dance Steps

Swing is one of the best loved ballroom dance. It is a fun and lively dance that started in the 1920s and evolved to different styles over the years. A popular type of swing that most people still dance nowadays is the east coast swing dance steps.

The east coast swing dance is also known as the 6 count swing, single time swing and the triple step swing. It is said to be largely influenced by the foxtrot and can be danced with jazz, hip hop, blues, funk, pop, or any music that is prevalent at that time. Here are the basic east coast swing dance steps that you can use today.

For the man: Take a small side step to the left, then bring your right foot beside your left foot. Take another side step with the left foot, but this time, don’t close your right foot. Instead, transfer your weight to the right leg, then bring the left foot beside the right. Take a side step to the right; take a back step with the left foot; and transfer your weight back to the right leg.

For the woman: Step to the side with the right foot, then bring in the left foot beside the right foot. Take another step to the right. Do not bring in your left foot beside your right foot, shift your weight to the left leg, then close the distance by bringing your right foot beside the left foot. Take a small side step to the left, a small step back with your right foot, and transfer your weight to the left leg.

As with most ballroom dance, the man should lead and the woman should follow. The man will subtly signal the woman, through small pulls and pushes, where he wants to go, and the woman must allow herself to be led. Leading and following, although not always taught extensively in ballroom dancing schools, is an integral part in dancing. In order to do this effectively, both partners must spend sufficient time with one another to develop a strong connection.

If you have never learned how to dance the swing before, it is a good idea that you download some videos or buy an instructional DVD that will help you know more about this dance. Because swing is usually danced with an upbeat or fast tempo song, easily flustered newbies may find themselves tripping over some steps and this may make them self-conscious in class. Practice the basic east coast swing dance steps at home and you will look like a “natural” dancer when you step into your first ballroom class.

Now that you have the tricks for the east coast swing dance steps, it won’t be long before you start doing the more complicated twists and turns and amaze your family and friends with your dancing prowess. More than anything– just enjoy yourself when you dance. You never know, you might win some fans when they see just how good you’ve gotten. Enjoy!

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